Frequently Asked Questions | Travel Safe During Covid 19

Going Back Home to The US

You currently do need to be tested to enter the United States providing you fly directly from Fiji

You currently do need to quarantine on entry to the United States providing you fly directly from Fiji

You currently do need to self isolate on entry to the United States providing you fly directly from Fiji

General Fiji Questions

Fiji is considered very low risk for travelers

Yes, Fiji has a contact tracing ap. All travelers arriving into Fiji are required to download the ap.

The nearest hospital to Turtle Island is Nadi (25 min in helicopter). Suva Private hospital (50 min in helicopter)

Unfortunately, it has not been proven that the sun or heat slows the spread of Covid 19. However, there is no Covid in Fiji

Your Stay on Turtle Island

Yes, families are welcome on full island rentals. Your Client Manager will advise if there are any child restrictions on your requested dates.

There is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 from food, including fruits and vegetables

If you have travelled as a group or booked the island, you will be allowed to socialise with the group. However, if there are several bookings on the island, you will be required to distance yourself from others during quarantine time. The island will advise you on arrival in the safe distance between each other.

To date there has been no information nor evidence to suggest that the new coronavirus could be transmitted by mosquitoes.

No you do not need to wear facemasks. But during the 14 day quarantine period, we ask that you wear a mask if you are close to a member of staff

Just follow the simple rules of practising good hygene. If you have any questions, a member of the island staff will be able to help you

Yes, there will be hand sanitiser in all Villas plus various point around the island including touch hotspots

Travelling to Fiji

Yes you can. If you fly to Fiji and directly back to the US, you are not required to quarantine on your return to the US

Due to the nature of close proximity in airports and aircraft, there is a possible higher risk of transmission. You can reduce the risk of tranmission by wearing facemasks and regulary cleaning your hands

You will be transfered by Helicopter or Private Boat to the island. Your Client Manager can advise you on the transfer options.

If you are flying Fiji Airways, you will be asked to wear a facemask for the duration of your flight. You should back at least 2 masks per person, per flight.

The CDC strongly advises the use of facebmasks on planes. Back at least 2 facemasks per person, per flight

There is no evidence that Covid 19 is spreadby food. Fiji Airways are following strict cleaning measures to minimise and prevent the spread of Covid.

Fiji Airways have gone to extensive mesaures to keep you safe… Details can be found via link

2 masks per person per flight, disinfectant wipes and a small bottle of hand santizer (no larger than 100ml)

Because everyone is wearing masks and folloing strict hygein protocals, you are at low risk of infection. If you suspect you or anyone on the flight is unwell, please let a member of the cabin crew know. They will advise you on what to do.

Prior to Travel

Yes, you will need to provide a negative test within 72 hours of your arrival in to Fiji

You don’t need a Doctors certificate, but you do need to provide a negative C19 test result with 72 hours of arrival into Fiji

It’s not mandatory, but it would be creating a staycation and minimising any contact between 14 and 7 days prior to your departure

Each insurance policy is different, please speak to your insurance provider to discuss your level of cover

You need to provide a negative C19 test result within 72 hours of arrival into Fiji

If the test is positive, our Dr will talk with you about what happens next. You will not be able to travel.

If you provide a negative C19 test result within 72 hours of arrival into Fiji, you may still travel. You should minimize contact with people 14 days prior to departure to minimize any risk of cancellation

You should follow up with you GP or Medical Professional if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Yes, the minimum stay during Quarantine is 14 days.

Turtle Island have a Dr based in Los Angeles who will be performing the test. Your Client Manager will provide you with these details.