A special experience for your special event

Celebrate with an intimate, private wedding or with a grand beach wedding surrounded by guests and loved ones. On Turtle Island, weddings are special events and the locations yours to discover – like sunset on the shore of the Blue Lagoon, sunrise on Long Beach, or late afternoon on Mountain Top.

Let us handle all the preparations while you relax in paradise. Don your dream gown or Fijian wedding attire of tapa, a cloth of tree bark and hand-painted with tribal symbols in tan, brown and black. And let us bedeck you with garlands of fresh, fragrant flowers.

In the grand wedding the trumpeting of conch shells announces the bride’s arrival on the wedding raft, called a billi billi. Drums beat rhythmically as two Fijian warriors escort the bride to her groom, and our Fijian choir herald the approach. If you like, choose a Methodist ceremony with the minister who resides across the lagoon. After the ceremony, everyone gathers for kava, an ancient tradition. You are then carried onto the billi billi for your return to the wedding feast or traditional lovo, typically consisting of roast pork, fresh seafood and local root crops. Under the soft glow of lantern light, guests and staff alike raise their glasses in a toast to your sparkling life together while you enjoy cake and celebrate with everyone.