Hear what our guests say about their time with us.


REVIEWED December, 2021

My partner and I treated ourselves to a stay on Turtle Island in late December 2021, and to say we were blown away is an enormous understatement. This was honestly one of the best holidays we have ever had, and we’ve made memories that will last a lifetime. 

The resort (and island as a whole to be correct) is as close to the definition of paradise as you can possibly imagine, with countless private pristine beaches, walking trails, and crystal clear turquoise waters). Our bure was spacious and rich in simple luxuries (no WiFi in the rooms, but beautiful furniture, bedding, and amenities were what it really was about). The food every day was incredible thanks to Chef Beni – some of the best food we’ve ever eaten. 

A special thanks must be given to the staff, who are what make this resort truly a special place – each and every person working on the island showed kindness, warmth, humour and love – we truly felt like part of a family. If there’s one thing we look forward to coming back to the most, it’s the people. A special thanks to Mama Lu, who looked after us the whole time like we were her own children! We are beyond grateful.


REVIEWED April, 2022

Turtle Island is absolutely a 5 star experience for those looking for a unique and memorable experience. From the amazing Island staff, to the guests it was beyond our expectations for a vacation. So much so we have booked another week next year!


REVIEWED March, 2022

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at this magnificent, Turtle Island, resort in Fiji! I can write 100 pages and I still wouldn’t do it justice! It’s one of those places that one simply has to experience on their own to understand. 

We were only there for 6 nights. The last night we didn’t want to go to bed, we just wanted to absorb its beauty, magic and serenity as much as we possibly could. We need to make you all understand the beauty, magic and serenity we talk about doesn’t just come from the wonderful views but the people!!! OMG by day 2 we were just visiting family! We’ve never experienced such feeling before and we have travelled quite a lot all over the world. We have many beautiful memories from each trip but none like this. 

Oh and by the way, the food….. ah, absolutely incredible! The Island is pretty much self sufficient. They have a huge garden where they grown their own fruits and vegetables. They also have many chickens, hens and even some pigs! Talk about fresh food! Even though we ate, and ate, and ate some more (you’ll never go hungry here, they sure feed the family well!) we felt super healthy, despite all those delicious and refreshing drinks! All that your little heart desires! 

All we can say at this point is that it’s only been a week since we departed and we absolutely cannot wait until we go back and visit our new members of our extended family once again! To all the family back in Turtle Island…bula, bula and vinka vaka levu for such a beautiful time! We are greatful for each one of you! I hope all of you who are reading this, will get a chance to experience Turtle Island, you will NOT be disappointed! Vinaka!


REVIEWED July, 2022

My husband and I are just back from a week on Turtle Island in early July. We had the most magical experience! it is truly so hard to capture in words what makes this island and the staff so special. You feel like you have “come home”. The island is stunning but the staff make you feel like family. 

The warmth, love and generosity is like we have never experienced anywhere in the world before and we travel a lot! We have also been to 4 other resorts in Fiji in the past and have never felt the need to go back. We have already booked a return trip to Turtle Island. For anyone planning a trip to Fiji, Turtle Island will be an experience that you will hold in your heart forever.


REVIEWED May, 2022

Absolutely idyllic, the attention to detail was amazing, celebration of special events awesome. We were made to feel very special and honoured to be involved in local events, rituals and family days. So brilliant we booked to stay again as it’s a 10/10 moment in your life staying at Turtle Island.


REVIEWED May, 2022

From the minute you step off the plane in Nadi you will be looked after by the amazing staff at Turtle island. We caught the seaplane to the island after having a nap and a bite to eat at the Nadi apartment whilst waiting for more guests to arrive.

The accomodation is spacious and clean and your Bure Mama looks after your every need, cleans you room twice daily, and organises all your activities. The food is delicious and you can have it as a communal dining experience or anywhere on the island that you wish. Every staff member knows your name and nothing is too much trouble.

Every day you can choose one of the many secluded beaches to have lunch at and you will be delivered there with your amazing picnic lunch and any drinks you choose (including French champagne) The beach is then closed to everyone else and you have complete seclusion until you’re ready to return to the resort. I can’t recommend the place highly enough!


REVIEWED June, 2022

From the moment you step off the sea plane, you’ll feel like you’ve come home to the place your soul was searching for. I’m not exaggerating! As a photographer, I have seen some beautiful resorts and been to some amazing places. I’ve traveled around Fiji and am familiar with Fijian culture. Trust me when I say that this place is what you’re looking for: 100% GENUINE PARADISE. Turtle Island combines the best of Fijian culture/hospitality with the most spectacular natural beauty, then wraps it all up for you with creative five-star service.

Maybe you’ve stayed in a place with butler service. There’s no stiff-service-providing here; at Turtle Island you’ll be introduced to your “Mama” or “Papa.” Our Mama took care of our beachfront bure (villa), and our every need, from washing our clothes, to booking our desired activities and setting up our picnic lunch on a private beach. She wrote messages on our bed in flower petals, left us little notes and basically spent her entire day ensuring our happiness (her full-time job is to look after only one couple). She didn’t hover, but she was there if we needed her with just a call on the hand-held radio. Want a milkshake whilst soaking in the in-room hot tub? No problem. Just call it in.

We had lots of options for meals. If we wanted to be alone, we could order breakfast in bed, or breakfast on the beach in front of our bure. We could choose from beautiful dine-out locations around the island for dinner, and we could picnic on a private beach for lunch. Or, for any meal, we could join the family-style dining at the long table, where we were seated with a host from the island and other guests. My husband is an introvert and wasn’t sure he’d love the family style dining, but it ended up being one of his favourite things about Turtle Island. You will meet such interesting people here, and the atmosphere is laid-back, fun and relaxed. If you want solitude, you can have it. If you want social, you can have that too. It’s the best of both worlds.

The food is primarily sourced from the island and the sea. Turtle Island produces much of the food on the island, including pigs, chickens, cows, honey, and a massive raised-bed garden and hydroponics system. You’ll also eat a lot of seafood caught fresh from the ocean–definitely a highlight for us. I loved the food at Turtle Island, because it’s healthy and island-grown, tastes amazing, and was beautifully introduced/presented personally by the chef who created it for us. One of the challenges of living on an all-inclusive island is pacing yourself with food/drink! (I’m up for the challenge though!).

As far as activities, we did the island tour first, which really helped us to understand the fascinating history of the island. If you bought an island, what would you do on it? Richard Evanson’s vision created an amazing paradise, and his legacy is continued by his children. On the island you can also snorkel (beautiful snorkeling is just off the main beach), swim in the bathtub-warm water, kayak, SUP, subwing, sail, dive, or visit the nearby attractions. Relax in the sun in front of your bure, or book a private beach for as long as you want (we tried to visit as many of them as we could). The original “Blue Lagoon” movie was filmed here back in the day, and not much has changed. We felt like we’d stepped right into that idyllic tropical island paradise.

Photos can showcase the natural beauty of the island, but you’ll just have to come in order to experience the warm love and hospitality shown by the Fijian staff. Many of the staff are from the islands and villages around Turtle Island, and they loved introducing us to their island home. The people of Fiji have so much joy, so much love, and are so gracious. Spend some time getting to know them! I cried when I left because I knew I was genuinely loved. What other resort makes you feel like that? You’ll just have to come and experience it yourself.

Turtle Island is an Ultimate Experience for the Whole Family

REVIEWED June, 2022

We stayed on Turtle Island for the first time this June (2022) during Family Week. It could not have been a more pleasurable experience for our entire family. Our children, 16, 14 and 11 and myself and my husband all stayed together in a bure. The accommodations for us included a king size bed, the kids got twin size beds. The ocean was at our footsteps and we fell asleep every night and woke up every morning listening to the waves. 

We were greeted by the friendliest and most loving Bure Mama – Mama Tokasa who was such a caring soul and made our trip exceptional. The two younger kids had Bula Buddies – Semi and Emosi – who not only played and fished and did excursions with them but truly became the boys’ friends for life. We all cried leaving the island and will absolutely be back to visit our new Fijian family there!

The most magical, beautiful place in every way - welcome to paradise!

REVIEWED December, 2021

There is a reason I have been to this resort 13 times in 29 years – because it is like no other place on earth. It is a unique & special resort with an approach like no other. You will find resorts that have tried to copy Turtle Island, but none compares – it is the original. This is an updated review since I realized the last time I reviewed Turtle Island was about 10 years ago and I have been back another 4 times(!) – so this is an updated review reflecting my most recent trip last month (and also discussing some past trips).

My most recent visit, with 3 generations of my family, during Family Time in December of 2021 reconfirmed everything I had felt about this incredible island paradise – it was a true getaway – it felt completely covid safe and for the 9 days we were there, we were able to actually relax, feel at home and enjoy our vacation without worrying about anything! We have already booked a romantic return trip this year during their regular couples time and can’t wait to be back!

My husband and I first went to Turtle Island in May of 1992 as newlyweds. We loved it so much that we just kept coming back – 10 times with our kids (3 of those trips also with my elderly mother), and we also returned twice for romantic getaways, just the two of us. I will give you a detailed review below, but in a nutshell, this resort only has 14 huts, so during most of the year, the max capacity on the island is 14 couples! During family time, again, with only 14 huts, you will only get a maximum of 14 families. The relaxed atmosphere is not snobby and you will feel completely at ease and meet the most interesting people – guests from around the world and the kindest staff who hail from the nearby islands. Needless to say, in this covid era, the low capacity and ability to have space and eat outdoors make it a very unique and safe setting. For more on their covid precautions see their website, but let me just say, it was the first time in almost 2 years that we really were able to relax and not worry.

Okay, now for a more detailed review on the entire experience. What makes this resort so special is a number of things – first, it is the approach of the original owner/devloper, Richard Evanson – before it was “in” to be green, he championed a green approach to creating this resort. He re-forested the island and thoughtfully planted trees which could be used by local artisans to create gorgeous guest lodging huts called “bures” and the furniture that is in them. When you lay in your lovely four poster bed and look at the high ceilings in your bure, it is amazing to think these were created from wood grown on this very island! His approach to his resort was that as much as possible should be grown on the island or caught in the waters. All the food is fresh and you can tour the gardens and see the fruits, vegetables and herbs growing. You can take an island tour on a golf cart with a staff member and also see where the eggs are collected from the chickens, where the solar farm is, where rainwater is collected, etc. The next generation of owner/managers, his adult children, continue this vision and commitment to balancing new green ideas with local traditions and knowledge. Staff will show you which plants and leaves are used for traditional medicines and how to use palm tree fronds and coconuts to make all kinds of things from food to containers, twine, etc.

The cuisine is exquisite and beautifully presented, but not stuffy – it is fresh and flavorful and a treat to the eye and palate. The chef can easily accommodate food allergies and dietary preferences and my mother, who needs a gluten free diet found the gluten free bread and pasta to be some of the best she has ever had. The chef is happy to offer cooking demonstrations and answer questions which is wonderful for foodies or anyone who is just inquisitive about the cuisine.

What really makes this gem of a resort sparkle, beyond its gorgeous natural setting, is the phenomenal Fijian staff. The Fijian staff are so kind and wonderful – they treat you like family and really care for you and make sure that you are enjoying your stay. The Fijian culture is amazing and it is this opportunity to be welcomed into their culture (particularly through traditions like kava ceremonies, meke, and music), and their relaxed and sincere kindness that make it such a pleasure to be on this island.

As mentioned above, during most of the year, it is couples only on the island. The island only has this one resort, so there is plenty of privacy and lots of private beaches. If you sign up for a private beach, it is yours for the day, you can relax in a hammock, snorkel, skinny-dip, whatever you like. You get dropped off with a picnic lunch and drinks and can use your walkie talkie to request a pick-up when you are ready. There are lots of fabulous things to do on the island – you can horseback ride at dawn and watch the sun rise on the other side of the island as you sip champagne and eat a breakfast of your choice that has been set up on a table at the beach just for you – you can have a private dine-out floating on a raft or on a point with a private swimming pool overlooking the ocean – you can snorkel right out your front door on the main beach at the Blue Lagoon (the same Blue Lagoon where the Brooke Shields movie was filmed!), or scuba dive, mountain bike, paddle board, kayak, or go deep sea fishing, crabbing, or hiking and so much more – you can do lots of activities or just relax in a hammock reading between two palm trees. 

My husband’s favorite things are that he takes his shoes off when he arrives and doesn’t put them on until he leaves and that he can leave his wallet in the safe and doesn’t have to take it out to pay for anything or tip anyone. Pretty much everything is included – the only additional costs would be if you chose extra spa treatments or to do more than one scuba tank of diving per day. All of your food, drinks (including excellent and exquisite wines, snacks, etc.), fishing, snorkeling a dive a day, horseback riding, boating, etc. are included. They are wonderful about special requests – you can ask for cheese and crackers and champagne to be delivered to you on the beach each afternoon at 3pm and it will be there. 

The bures (huts) are luxurious and huge – with double vanities, 2 toilets, a large double rain shower with double handhelds, too, and a big jacuzzi. There is a beautiful bedroom area and a spacious sitting area. The louvered windows give fantastic views and allow wonderful breezes to keep the rooms a perfect temperature. There are also fantastic air conditioning units in the bedroom area so if it is particularly warm and you want to cool off, you can flip the unit on and you will never be too hot. The bures are all located on the most gorgeous beach with soft light colored sand and calm water and are strategically placed far enough apart that you have privacy, but aren’t far from the main area. Another wonderful feature at this resort is that it is VERY relaxed about attire – you can be barefoot the whole time except if you go horseback riding or hiking, and you never need to dress up for dinner. No fancy shoes and clothes needed – of course, if you want to wear a cute sundress for dinner, that is fine, but you won’t find men in jackets or ties – nor in long pants.

Some of the best snorkeling is found just walking out the front door of your bure and swimming straight out into the water. You can see amazingly colorful tropical fish in the coral in the blue lagoon, or you can go on one of the snorkeling trips to the nearby islands to see stunning coral. Make sure to ask to be taken to the Cabbage Patch – Jacques Cousteau said it was the finest example of Cabbage Coral in the world!

As far as value goes, the price may seem high, but if you add up what you actually spend on a tropical vacation to a place like Hawaii or the Bahamas, really add up all those drinks by the pool, the dinners, the rental car, hotel, tipping, what you spend on scuba diving, deep sea fishing, etc. you might find, like we did that this is actually less than what you might actually spend at those other locations, and you certainly would not get such a unique setting with so few other guests. Since this is the only resort on the island, there aren’t shops and roads – no cars, a golf cart or your feet will take you where you need to go – there won’t be money spent on shopping – a very small gift shop is available for necessities or small gifts, but that’s it. This is a resort to relax and unplug and really enjoy – there are no phones, no TVs, just wonderful conversations with other guests and staff who will become lifelong friends by the end of your visit. I have yet to depart the island and not find myself crying and I always see other guests shedding tears, too. That says a lot about a place. It is also a testament to this magical place that so many guests are return guests – people just love it. The attentive staff, the excellent management, and the amazing Bure Mamas who are like personal concierges, all make this place run so smoothly.

With regard to Family Times, of special note is the fact that each child gets his or her OWN nanny or “bula buddy” – so your child has a trained staff member assigned for your stay to make sure that your kid is having a great time and is safe – you don’t have to worry about the water, someone is always watching your child – and the kids have a blast – you can spend as much or as little time with your kids as you want and the kids make great friends with other kids from around the world and with their nanny/bula buddy. Since each kid has an individual nanny, that means if one child wants to make sand castles while another wants to go fishing, each kid gets to enjoy the vacation. The staff are great with he kids and the kids get an opportunity to try new things, explore the natural setting and have fun. In addition, many families bring grandparents, too. The resort is great for older adults because the Fijian culture puts a high value on the elderly. We found my mother, who could feel very frustrated and negative at home, was all smiles and having a great time at this resort. When walking became harder for her, they just made sure they always had a golf cart parked by her bure and were ready to give her a ride anytime she needed one. They really put her at ease and make sure she is always comfortable which makes it easy to travel with her to this resort. She is able to enjoy her time with us and her grandchildren and also tour the gardens or the island with staff and learn more about plants that interest her.

I could go on forever about how unique and magical the experience is, but as I said, I think the real testament is the overwhelming number of return guests there are. It isn’t necessarily the closest place from the US, but is is an easy overnight flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco – you get on the plane, fall asleep, and you wake up and you are there! And, the only airline that goes there is Fiji Airways and it is PHENOMENAL – the most wonderful planes and staff. You can book business class seats that lay flat or go in economy and you will still have seats more comfortable than on most US carriers.. As soon as you clear customs on the main island at Nadi Airport and have your luggage, you will be greeted by a Turtle Island staff member who will transport you to the sea plane and after a quick and amazing 30 minute sea plane ride, you will land on the water and step out into about a foot of water and be greeted on the main beach with songs and drinks – it is straight out of the old tv show “Fantasy Island”. I have traveled all over the world and very few places have surpassed my expectations, but this one has since my first trip and continues to do so. I have been to this island as a young 26 year old who was just married, as a pregnant woman, and as a mom with my young children and then school-aged children, teens, and now adult children who are in their mid-20’s and no matter what their ages or my age, I have always had a great time and loved this place. My kids consistently agree it is their favorite place for a family trip and some are even looking forward to going to Turtle Island for their honeymoons! I get absolutely nothing for posting this review – I am writing this from my heart because I love it and hope you will, too.

Oh, and one last thing! If you are looking for a place to get married (think small, unique, covid safe wedding), or to renew your vows – there is no place better – the cost for a ceremony is so inexpensive and it is GORGEOUS! We renewed our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary and have attended many weddings of other guests there over the years. We have also celebrated big milestone birthdays at Turtle Island and have seen others celebrating special birthdays – it is a wonderful place to mark a special occasion.

Family time tips: Christmas is a great time to go, but often fills up, the end of June/early July is an awesome time to go since it is less humid, even if it is summer in the US, it is a wonderful getaway since the temperatures are pleasant but not as hot and humid as in the US (and of course, if you are coming from Australia, it is your winter, so a great time to come), but no matter what time of year you go, since it is so close to the equator, the temperatures do not vary much!

I will put something in the room tips, but honestly, all of the bures are fantastic – you can’t go wrong with any of them. That is one of the great things about this vacation is that you don’t have to worry about getting the “right room” or activities – book directly with the island and they can help you with getting your airfare sorted out if you need help. You don’t need a travel agent or anyone to make sure you get it right – everything about this vacation is easy and accessible, which is yet another reason why it is so great.



We returned to visit our turtle family for the fifth time and were greeted with new faces, new activities, even more superb food and made many new friends. I cannot recommend this vacation destination highly enough. Words don’t do the amazing experience justice !!!



Ten years ago my wife and I spent our honeymoon on Turtle Island and have always referred to it as the most amazing trip of our lifetime. After just spending another week on the island, we asked ourselves everyday we were there why we waited so long to return. Our children traveled with us this time and I must say that this trip was even more amazing than the first. The Turtle Island Family makes the island visit something that must be experienced first hand.



There is nowhere else in the world where the beauty of the environment is also reflected in the heart of the people. This resort is in a class of its own, and when you leave a piece of the island goes with you. The environment and service is beyond world class and will be a return destination for us in the coming years. Turtle Island has truly created a home and an experience that can not be replicated anywhere – it is in a class of its own and the authenticity is unparalleled. You will find yourself finding ways to make your stay longer and ways in which you can ensure your return. This is truly a family business that makes each individual a part of the family that is naturally and uniquely designed by you. This brand is strong on purpose and will sustain and only build its legacy. I would not waste your time comparing or looking at other islands or resorts in the pacific. Don’t miss Turtle Island – its a bucket list must!



We can’t say enough about our magical week on Turtle Island! It was the most rustic yet gorgeous place to celebrate our 25 years of marriage! We were waited on hand and foot by our bure mamas and each and every staff member! We were treated as family with such an overwhelming love. The food and the spa were a 10! And the 12 private beaches are like nothing we could ever imagine. Truly the most romantic place on earth!



This was our 3rd visit to Turtle Island and it keeps getting better. We were made to feel so welcome and all of the people that you come across say “Welcome back” with real affection. It was wonderful to see so many of the staff that we had met before and to meet so many new ones. We would love to mention names of those we saw more frequently and interacted with more often however we won’t do that because we want to acknowledge every single person on the island that combined ensures that you have the greatest experiences and lots of fun. To be part of the extended Turtle family is truly a privilege and we will be back for more one day. Turtle Island is looking amazing considering a cyclone earlier this year. Gardens and beaches are in pristine condition. Leaving Turtle is the worst part of the journey because you know you will miss the friendship and love from everyone. Can’t wait to go back.



This is probably the hardest review I have wanted to do simply because words simply do not described the majestic island that is Turtle Island let alone the amazingly wonderful staff. The island itself has everything you could ever want in a true escape from the “Real” world. All activities can be planned with your bure mama leaving all you have top do is show up and enjoy the fun. Night activities differ daily and are always fun and involve the staff as well. Beaches are picturesque and pristine. The bures are incredible. The food and wine is some of the best I have ever experienced in my life. The whole Turtle Island experience is that of luxury and total escape from worrying about anything what so ever. However the true fact is that you come with your significant to just be on vacation and get away but within a day or two the stay evolves into being a part of a family or a part of the island for that matter, the staff greets you saying welcome home and that is the truth. I almost get emotional thinking of the feelings this special place brings out in people, not of just yourself but you notice it in the people around you whether it be the other guests or staff. You become immersed in the culture and genuine positive happy attitudes of all the staff members as the time seems to slowly go by, Before long you are on a first name basis with most of the people you see daily and really bond coming together for the nightly events and dinners. In the end I really can not say enough about how amazing and special this place is, my wife and I were looking for a once in a lifetime trip but immediately decided to come back next year for Fiji day. We truly feel we are in a different world all together when we are on the island and already are counting the days down until we return home.