Reviews - Turtle Fiji


Hear what our guests say about their time with us.

“Greatest experience ever .... for the fifth time !!!!”


We returned to visit our turtle family for the fifth time and were greeted with new faces, new activities, even more superb food and made many new friends. I cannot recommend this vacation destination highly enough. Words don’t do the amazing experience justice !!!

Impossible to describe this experience in words!


Ten years ago my wife and I spent our honeymoon on Turtle Island and have always referred to it as the most amazing trip of our lifetime. After just spending another week on the island, we asked ourselves everyday we were there why we waited so long to return. Our children traveled with us this time and I must say that this trip was even more amazing than the first. The Turtle Island Family makes the island visit something that must be experienced first hand.

Paradise in the Pacific - Heaven on Earth!


There is nowhere else in the world where the beauty of the environment is also reflected in the heart of the people. This resort is in a class of its own, and when you leave a piece of the island goes with you. The environment and service is beyond world class and will be a return destination for us in the coming years. Turtle Island has truly created a home and an experience that can not be replicated anywhere – it is in a class of its own and the authenticity is unparalleled. You will find yourself finding ways to make your stay longer and ways in which you can ensure your return. This is truly a family business that makes each individual a part of the family that is naturally and uniquely designed by you. This brand is strong on purpose and will sustain and only build its legacy. I would not waste your time comparing or looking at other islands or resorts in the pacific. Don’t miss Turtle Island – its a bucket list must!

"Our 25th Anniversary Celebration"

Reviewed December 16, 2016

We can’t say enough about our magical week on Turtle Island! It was the most rustic yet gorgeous place to celebrate our 25 years of marriage! We were waited on hand and foot by our bure mamas and each and every staff member! We were treated as family with such an overwhelming love. The food and the spa were a 10! And the 12 private beaches are like nothing we could ever imagine. Truly the most romantic place on earth!

"Turtle Revisited"

Reviewed December 4, 2016

This was our 3rd visit to Turtle Island and it keeps getting better. We were made to feel so welcome and all of the people that you come across say “Welcome back” with real affection. It was wonderful to see so many of the staff that we had met before and to meet so many new ones. We would love to mention names of those we saw more frequently and interacted with more often however we won’t do that because we want to acknowledge every single person on the island that combined ensures that you have the greatest experiences and lots of fun. To be part of the extended Turtle family is truly a privilege and we will be back for more one day. Turtle Island is looking amazing considering a cyclone earlier this year. Gardens and beaches are in pristine condition. Leaving Turtle is the worst part of the journey because you know you will miss the friendship and love from everyone. Can’t wait to go back.

"Out of body experience"

Reviewed December 2, 2016

This is probably the hardest review I have wanted to do simply because words simply do not described the majestic island that is Turtle Island let alone the amazingly wonderful staff. The island itself has everything you could ever want in a true escape from the “Real” world. All activities can be planned with your bure mama leaving all you have top do is show up and enjoy the fun. Night activities differ daily and are always fun and involve the staff as well. Beaches are picturesque and pristine. The bures are incredible. The food and wine is some of the best I have ever experienced in my life. The whole Turtle Island experience is that of luxury and total escape from worrying about anything what so ever. However the true fact is that you come with your significant to just be on vacation and get away but within a day or two the stay evolves into being a part of a family or a part of the island for that matter, the staff greets you saying welcome home and that is the truth. I almost get emotional thinking of the feelings this special place brings out in people, not of just yourself but you notice it in the people around you whether it be the other guests or staff. You become immersed in the culture and genuine positive happy attitudes of all the staff members as the time seems to slowly go by, Before long you are on a first name basis with most of the people you see daily and really bond coming together for the nightly events and dinners. In the end I really can not say enough about how amazing and special this place is, my wife and I were looking for a once in a lifetime trip but immediately decided to come back next year for Fiji day. We truly feel we are in a different world all together when we are on the island and already are counting the days down until we return home.