Finding Your Perfect Tropical Getaway at Turtle Island Fiji

As you plan your next vacation, make sure you reserve a villa at Turtle Island Resort if you want to create the most perfect tropical getaway possible. No matter how many spectacular islands you have been to, you haven’t had the ideal vacation if you haven’t yet been to this island in Fiji. So whether you’re hoping to impress your other half or just want to top your last big vacation, look into Turtle Island.

This destination happens to be located in the Blue Lagoon. That in itself takes this island resort up a notch since no other vacation spot can say it’s been featured in this well-loved movie. In addition, only 14 couples are allowed to stay at this resort at once, which means you are guaranteed a break from the overcrowded islands you might have visited over the years. If you truly want the perfect tropical getaway – complete with all the privacy you could ask for – this resort should be on your mind as you consider your next trip.

Turtle Island Resort is all inclusive, so once you make your reservation, you won’t have to put much work into planning your vacation. All you are expected to do is decide which activities you want to check out with the person you plan to go with. Once you arrive, you can go for a peaceful stroll along the beach, swim, or take a kayak or boat out in the open sea. If you’re looking for more adventure on and around the island, look into paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean.

Perfect Tropical GetawayThis is all easy to do when you have your own private beach at Turtle Island Resort. Every couple that stays here gets a villa, called a bure, along with a beach that is quite a distance from the other villas. At this resort, it’s easy to forget there are even other guests around, since you won’t see or hear them as you relax on your own slice of the beach. Now that’s a perfect tropical getaway that you won’t soon forget.

If you ever want a break from the beautiful blue water that surrounds Turtle Island Resort, you and your loved one can arrange for spa services, such as a massage or reflexology. You can then enjoy a lovely wining and dining experience at the resort, or perhaps set up your own picnic on your private beach. Imagine sipping coffee on the beach as the sun comes up, and enjoying a glass or wine or beer as the sun goes down later that day. It doesn’t get much better than this.

As you set up your trip, you will find the staff friendly and accommodating, ensuring you are able to quickly arrange your perfect tropical getaway in Fiji. If you have any questions or are ready to make your reservations, contact Turtle Island Resort today.

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