Turtle Island is an unspoiled tropical playground.  However you desire to while away your days, we’d like to make them perfect for you.

Water sports are our most popular activities — from a gentle dip in our tropical waters to wind surfing in the famous Blue Lagoon where there is an amazing array of tropical fish and sea life.  Choose among sea kayaking, paddle boarding, glass bottom boats where you can see exquisite sea creatures without getting wet, reef fishing, swimming, snorkeling, guided scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing, or a leisurely cruise at sunset. Snorkeling can be enjoyed almost anywhere on the island – from right off your doorstep, to the main beach, to a multitude of other incredible reefs that encircle the island. Or set sail on the gentle tropical breeze in one of our sailboats, or take hold of the breeze by windsurfing across the crystal waters. At the end of the day, capture magical sunsets on a cruise.

If you prefer firmer terrain, there are dozens of options to explore the incredible beauty of the island. Hike our 500-acre paradise, run our canopied jungle trails, amble through our gardens, learn about Fijian plant medicine, bike across remote trails, or explore acres of golden grassland.  The landscape and activities on Turtle Island are extraordinarily varied. Smooth, white sands; calm, turquoise waters; rugged, black volcanic cliffs; dense, tropical forests; lush, grassy highlands – it’s a paradise on earth. Of course, simply sipping a cocktail from your hammock qualifies as play on Turtle Island!

However you decide to enjoy yourself, know that we are excited to share our paradise with you.


In the unspoiled waters of the Blue Lagoon, living coral reefs of vibrant blue, green, and yellow ring Turtle Island and are home to colorful galaxies of fish, from lion fish to angel fish to butterfly fish.  Through the resplendently clear blue water, you will see a spectacular display of ocean life, including squid, octopi, sea cucumbers, rays, crabs, and—of course—green or hawksbill turtles.

On star-studded nights, the breeze carries the scent of frangipani down to the sea’s edge and the waves turn an almost otherworldly green and gold with sea life bioluminescence. Be sure to take a reflective snorkel through this underwater tropical paradise.


Windsurfing in Fiji on Turtle Island is a great way to explore the island. Take it easy or feel the adrenalin rush and excitement of skimming and roaming over the crystal clear sea under the propulsion of the Fijian winds.

Windsurfing is a sport enjoyed all over the globe. It combines surfing and sailing, scooting you across our lagoon as the wind picks up. If you’re adventurous and skilled, you can mimic worldclass windsurfers who perform jumps, spinning maneuvers, and other freestyle moves that no sailboat could execute. We’ll hook you up with top-quality equipment and show you what the excitement’s all about!

Stand up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is a water sport that’s gaining popularity, in large part because it’s a relaxing way to play on the water and rather easy to master.  The serene Blue Lagoon offers the perfect conditions for a novice to launch, and our Activity Staff will be happy to get you started. From your standing vantage point, you’ll spy sea creatures like manta rays, crabs and starfish. Or, look ahead and admire the horizon dotted with volcanic islands.  If you’re looking for exercise, SUP is considered great cross-training as it’s a full body workout, especially for core toning.


We have gaff-rigged Sunfish sailboats on hand for exploring the Blue Lagoon and pristine Turtle Island shoreline.

Go it alone, with your partner, or let one of our experienced Activity Staff join you for a fun-filled adventure. Tropical breezes will fill your sails and send you on a peaceful journey of discovery.  As one of only 14 couples on the Island, you will soon discover that the Blue Lagoon is an exclusive playground.

Sea Kayaking

We have a selection of one- and two-person kayaks available for your use, including “glass bottom” vessels that allow coral viewing during your paddle.

Explore the amazing waters of the Blue Lagoon, or venture around nearby coves and inlets. Lots of exciting sea kayaking adventures in Fiji await you in the South Pacific, including venturing off with your paddles through the blue water to some of the nearby islands.

The bay is protected from the weather, so conditions are optimal—and safe!—and the destinations couldn’t be more beautiful.  This is what sea kayaking was meant to be.

Sunset Cruise

Glide towards a shimmering horizon during a magnificent sunset on our cruise boat. Our staff will entertain you with traditional songs and dance as you sip cocktails with the rest of our guests.  A camera is a must, as the Turtle Island sunset is an awe-inspiring sight.

Each day at Turtle Island is designed by you, and our Fiji Sunset Cruise is the perfect way to cap off that day before enjoying another magnificent meal at one of our famous barefoot dinner parties.

Bike Riding

Mountain bike around the island. Paths lead into the spectacular tropical forest dominated by raintree, tavola, Noko Noko and mahogany groves.

Choose between a leisurely ride to one of the private beaches or push yourself a little further to the top of Mt Ford where you can enjoy incredible views of Turtle Island, the Blue Lagoon and our neighbours in the Yasawas chain of islands.

The trails around Turtle Island are marked by vibrant red hibiscus which is a beautiful reminder that you are on the right track.

Walking and Running

Many amazing trails, from easy to moderate, offer the runner, hiker, or those just out for a stroll plenty of wonderful opportunities to explore the island.

With 500 acres to roam, all trails boast spectacular South Pacific scenery, providing striking views of the lush vegetation and spectacular lagoon surrounding them. Enjoy the native rain forests, the verdant hills, and the fascinating mangroves. Feel free to explore. Our staff is always delighted to guide you, or you can venture out on your own.

Island & Garden Tours

We begin your stay with an orientation tour—a journey by electric cart around our beautiful, exotic island home. Behind the main resort area is an orchid house, and an impressive lush five-acre garden where 90% of the resort’s herbs, fruits, and vegetables are produced.

In the garden there are long, neat rows of carrots, spinach, corn, tomatoes, four types of lettuce, five types of bean, plus coriander, chives, mint, lemongrass, bananas, melons, papayas, limes, mangoes, and pineapples.

Turtle Island is a tropical paradise in every sense.  Once denuded of its lush rainforest and vegetation, Richard Evanson and the rest of the Turtle Family have planted thousands of trees. The trail around the Island is marked by vibrant red hibiscus so guests can explore at their leisure without getting lost.

If you’re interested, ask for a tour of the tropical birds or plants used in traditional Fijian medicine.  (We think it’s rather fascinating!)