The Best Vacation Proposal Ideas

Wedding proposals are a major life event and can therefore be a daunting process. Wedding website – The Yes Girls – says that one of the biggest fears they hear is “Is my proposal going to be as unique as our love story or will it be just like everyone else’s?”
Be it the most elaborate proposal or a simple affair, one of the ways to make a proposal memorable is setting it in a special destination.

Enter the vacation proposal – whether it’s a stylish rooftop event in New York City, a dreamy Grecian getaway – cliffside wineries are listed as one of the best places to propose in Santorini, or on a sun draped beach in Fiji or Hawaii – a romantic out of town setting will create lasting memories.

A getaway also adds to the surprise element as your partner will be distracted by the joy of discovering a new place with you or heading back to a favorite destination.

But proposing out of town also means there is more planning to be done leading up to the big event.


Our first recommendation is to enlist the support of the hotel team in your plans so things can run smoothly at your destination. Some even have “romance” or special events co-ordinators who have extensive experience in this type of planning and are happy to be your point person on the ground.  Having a back-up team will make you feel less like you are flying solo and take away some of the anxiety.

If you have an elaborate proposal which requires their help with decorations, music, lighting, flowers, fireworks, or a diversion for your partner, they will need to be on board anyway to organize all the details.  Even with a more simple event with less details, the hotel team can be there to make arrangements for a special celebratory dinner to follow the proposal and can organize a bottle of your favorite bubbles to be on hand at the right moment.

Where to pack the ring is another important consideration. If you are getting on a plane, the ring needs to be in your carry-on luggage as opposed to your checked baggage in case you and your suitcases become separated!

You also need to make sure that it is not visible to your partner if you have to take something else from the bag – for example when you lift out your toiletries bag or laptop during the customs inspection.  The best tip is to take it out of the ring box and put it into less obvious packaging and slip it into an enclosed pocket in your luggage.

Also make sure when you get to the destination that you have a plan for storage. The safe is not always perfect as presumably it will also be accessed by your partner. Again, the hotel staff can be called on to provide help.

Finally have a contingency – the weather may not be your friend, the wind may be blowing too hard on the rooftop or at the beach or the underwater snorkeling trip, with the “Will you Marry Me” message board, may be cancelled due to poor conditions. Having a back-up plan will take the stress out of that big moment.


This will be the first thing your family and friends will ask when you share the good news and the story will be more special if they know it has been a thoughtfully planned event, meaningful to the two of you.

There are many websites that provide recommendations including some of the best vacation proposal ideas. If you have decided to go out of town, the first thing to decide is the kind of setting you might want. Is it an urban backdrop with a special view of the city skyline – one of the favorite places to propose in Sydney for example is on the summit of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  BridgeClimb has witnessed over 5,000 proposals with specially secured rings of course!

Is it a Greece wedding proposal, weekend getaway to a wine region or an outdoors setting that matches your partner’s personal interests such as skydiving, hiking to the top of a mountain or on a chairlift on the way to the ski slopes?

It might include returning to a favorite vacation spot in Europe and proposing on a gondola in Venice or under the Eiffel Tower or maybe it’s discovering a new destination together.

You may also want to take religious and cultural preferences into account.  In India, there is a Propose Day. In Fiji, some couples have chosen a trip to the brightly colored Sri Siva Subraminiya temple in Nadi for their proposals in Hindi. The original structure created in the 1920s was built as a place of worship for the large community of Indian residents who had migrated in the late 1800s to work in the sugar plantations. Some people also choose Diwali – the Hindu festival of Lights – held during the Hindu month of Kartika between mid-October and mid-November for their wedding proposals so they always have special memories of that important time.

Island destinations make for one of the most romantic locations – it is hard to match a beach setting at twilight with a glass of champagne in hand.  Some of the best ways to propose at the beach include secluded bonfire trysts, “message in a bottle” proposals, or searching for buried treasure chests or shells which contain your precious ring.

Fiji is considered one of the most romantic and memorable places for an island getaway and wedding proposal. With over 300 islands with pristine white sand beaches and numerous resorts to suit all budgets, there is a lot of choice for the perfect proposal.

Fiji’s climate is also enjoyable year-round with May-October being the perfect timing for a visit. Fiji does have a wet season which is typically December to February but the outer islands including Turtle Island in the north-west of the Yasawa group enjoy less rainfall year-round.

Fiji is also easy to pack for so you can travel light. It is a casual destination so you can forget the sequins and the suit and tie. Lightweight clothing and layers are easy to fit into the luggage – just don’t forget your swimwear!


The very exclusive Turtle Island, a private luxury resort in Fiji is the perfect place to get down on one knee in the white sand and pop the question.

The 500-acre private island is a natural paradise and with only 14 bures (Fijian villas) and 12 secluded pristine beaches, you will feel like you have this romantic destination all to yourself.  The Turtle Island hosts can also help with the best ways to propose on the beach. Some of their favorite memories have been creating a banner unfurled by the staff on the beach bearing the words “Will You Marry Me” as the couple arrived on the seaplane from the main island or a message in the sand art creation where the groom sculpted the question in the center of a radiant sun.

During the day at one of the Island’s renowned private beach picnics is also one of the best ways to propose at the beach – alternatively during a romantic dinner for two on the candlelit pontoon floating on the blue lagoon or in the lush tropical gardens complete with fairy lights and a musical backdrop provided by the Turtle family as the Island’s beloved staff are known.


When you are ready to take the proposal to the next step, Fiji is also the perfect place for a wedding.

Popular website cites numerous wedding venue location choices including the gardens or small chapels located at many of the hotels on Denarau – just a short drive from Nadi airport or elsewhere on Viti Levu – the main island.  There are also a range of resorts offering beachside destinations or tropical hillside lookouts in the country’s major island groups including the Mamanucas and Yasawas.

On Turtle Island, guests have made their vows at some of the most magical destinations from Vonu Point overlooking the spectacular oceanfront through to rainforest or beach locations or in the beautiful stained-glass window chapel. One couple even got married underwater with the flowing white wedding dress making for stunning photographic memories.

Traditional Fijian weddings are popular for couples who want to embrace the culture of the destination. The bride, attended by a Fijian warrior, is transported across the lagoon in a bilibili – a traditional Fijian wedding raft decorated with local flowers and greenery. On reaching the shore, the conch shell is trumpeted to announce the bride’s arrival where she is carried ashore by her warriors to the groom. After the wedding, they participate with the staff in a traditional Kava ceremony and Fijian wedding lovo feast which consists of meats and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves and smoked in a firepit.

Many couples also choose to renew their vows by recreating the traditional wedding scene complete with bilibili arrival and guests dressed in traditional Fijian attire which can be made on Turtle Island. This is often the opportunity to involve their children this time around.

Of course, having a wedding on Turtle Island also provides the perfect location for the honeymoon to follow. With so many activities to choose from including couple’s spa treatments, romantic sunrise or sunset horse-riding tours, private beach picnics for two and romantic intimate dinners on a candle-lit floating pontoon, this will be a trip to remember.

To learn more about romantic vacation proposal ideas, weddings and vow renewals you could enjoy at Turtle Island Resort, please contact us today to begin your journey to our private island paradise.

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