Rent An Island For The Ultimate Escape


They’re the ultimate escape offering the promise of total privacy, world-class experiences and gourmet cuisine. The allure of jetting off to your own private island has never been more appealing, especially in these current uncertain times. And while it may cost a few million dollars to buy a private island, you certainly don’t have to be a billionaire or an A-list celebrity to rent an island paradise for a vacation. So where can you find them and what makes them so appealing? We give you the low-down on private island rentals.



With 333 picture perfect islands, it’s easy to see why Fiji is the heart of the South Pacific and one of the most sought-after destinations for private island rentals. With their turquoise clear waters, powdery beaches, total seclusion and tropical backdrops, the islands of Fiji are popular with honeymooners, couples and families who return year after year to soak up the all-encompassing warmth of the Fijian climate and people.

The best time to visit is during the dry season from May to October, bringing milder temperatures and clearer skies. Tourist numbers slightly drop during the wet season from November to April, but fortunately for travellers the islands to the West of Fiji such as the Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands receive less rain year-round, so you can still enjoy ample sunny days.

If you want to enjoy world class diving while renting your own private island, Fiji is the idyllic destination. The fringing coral reef ecosystems teem with a variety of sea life. Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of The World”, Fiji’s waters boast around 1,000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges, divers experience unapparelled marine biodiversity.

To rent an island for a week, particularly in a secluded untouched location, look no further than the iconic Turtle Island Resort in the Yasawas. This 500-acre privately owned island paradise has 12 private beaches and welcomes just 14 couples or families at a time making it the epitome of private island getaways.


With its warm, year-round temperatures, coral reefs and picture-postcard beaches, the Caribbean is a popular destination when it comes to private island rentals. Just south of the Gulf of Mexico and sheltered from the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea is practically peppered with unspoilt, private islands that offer a luxury bolthole to vacationers looking to get away from the crowds. Choose from coral cays in Belize and Florida or castaway islands in the Bahamas, Granada and Honduras.

The most famous of all has to be Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, a tiny 74-acre island accommodating up to 30 people in 15 rooms. For larger groups, there’s neighboring Moskito Island that can take an extra 16 people.

The best time to visit the Caribbean is generally from December to April, when it’s slightly cooler and less humid. May to November can be wetter with hurricane season from July to October.


A chain of 26 atolls – a ring-shaped coral reef that circles a lagoon – sitting in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is perfectly placed to house vacationers looking to rent a private island. Choose from the boutique 36-bungaow Makunudu resort, a top choice for honeymooners or the Amilla Fushi, with wellness bungalows tucked up in the lush jungle canopy.

If you’re visiting the Maldives, the best time to go is between November and April, with peak season between the months of January to April when there’s less humidity and little rain.


An archipelago of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa, the Seychelles is another go-to destination for private island rentals. It’s home to stunning beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves and makes for an ideal getaway for an island rental. Six Senses Zil Pasyon – or Passion Island – boasts 30 villas and a spa that’s literally wedged between granite boulders overlooking the ocean.

Head to the Seychelles between April and May or October and November – the calmer periods between the two trade winds which hit the islands each year.



No man is an island, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one all to yourself? The major advantages of renting an island are obvious: there’ll be no-one else there apart from you, your partner and selected guests. On Gladden Island in Belize the staff are housed on a nearby smaller island out of sight and the manager, chef and concierge are a two-minute boat ride away. It’s the stuff of dreams, this idea of being a castaway on a remote desert island but with all the trappings of luxurious accommodation, private chef and your every whim attended to.

And in the current uncertain climate, the idea of escaping the everyday and immersing yourself in an eco-hideaway in a tropical location in the middle of the ocean has never been more appealing. There’s the safety aspect – an island rental with a small number of rooms won’t be able to accommodate huge crowds of vacationers – and peace of mind in the fact that you won’t be interacting with too many people.


Another advantage of renting an island exclusively is there’s a high chance that you’re more likely to get the dates you’re looking for, rather having to compete with other guests during peak seasons throughout the year. If there are only a certain number of villas available, the chances are they’ll be reserved quickly in the peak months. Such is the demand for certain A-lister private island resorts, some are actually booked out a year in advance. Book up the entire resort for a week, and you’ll get the pick of the dates you want without having to compromise.


If you’re not keen on sharing the pool or lagoons with complete strangers, then the obvious answer is the hire the resort exclusively. Renting an island just for yourself or your small group will mean not having to share activities with others, waiting for spa appointment availability and having unlimited use of the amenities. The activities team will in fact be able to create a highly bespoke package that suits you or your group’s wishes and physical fitness, tailoring excursions and days out as and when you want them.


Maid service, butler and personal chef – imagine the attention you’ll receive if it’s just the two of you renting an island? Over-the-top lavish or discreetly happening in the background, the service you receive if you’re renting an island exclusively will be much more personalised than at a larger resort, or just one of many other guest bookings. An early morning fishing tour? No problem. Lobster picnic at that ‘hard-to-reach but drop-dead gorgeous beach’? No worries. Dinner for two overlooking the lagoon, but delay the dessert for that proposal? No hurry, no worry.

On Turtle Island Fiji, you’ll have your own fully dedicated “Bure Mama” who’ll look after your every whim throughout your stay. Each bure (Fijian style villa) is assigned a Bure Mama, a dedicated personal concierge, to fulfil each and every desire of your guests. She will tend to your villa, pack for your Island adventures, arrange unique dining experiences, and fulfil any special request whilst also providing a wealth of knowledge to Fiji.

And if your island rental group includes children, Turtle Island assigns personal nannies or “Bula Buddies” to every child so they also experience the personal attention of a fun-loving Fijian caretaker and activities suited to the child’s age.


When you think private island rentals, you’d be forgiven for thinking they come with a hefty price tag. But if you split the cost among the rest of your group, then it becomes much more affordable, especially when you factor in the all-inclusive food and beverage package, activities program and transfers.


While couples and honeymooners will be a core market for renting an island exclusively, private islands appeal to many different markets including weddings, milestone birthdays, special family vacations, reunions and corporate events.

Who doesn’t dream of a wedding on their own private island? With its white sand beaches, warm climate and idyllic setting, Fiji has long been a top location for a destination wedding. Most resorts in Fiji will offer special packages for weddings and vow renewals incorporating Fijian traditions into the ceremony experience making for a memorable experience.

This might include wearing traditional wedding tapa, a cloth of tree bark, hand-painted with tribal symbols in tan, brown and black. This is usually accompanied by garlands of fresh, fragrant tropical flowers. Rent an island exclusively for an intimate wedding experience and it will feel all the more special.

What better way to celebrate a parent’s 70th than by gathering friends and family from around the world on a private island? Milestone birthdays are a great excuse for a get-together, and what better location than an island paradise, hired exclusively for a week. And whether you see your family every day or you’re scattered around the globe, having a special family vacation on your own private island will give everyone the chance to relax and reconnect.


With its promise of pure indulgence, relaxation and solitude, it’s easy to see why Turtle Island Resort is a front-runner when it comes to renting an island. Chosen twice as the location to film Hollywood’s “The Blue Lagoon” and named the #1 Resort in the South Pacific by Travel+Leisure, Turtle Island is paradise come to life.

Located in the centre of Fiji’s Yasawa archipelago in the vast expanse of the South Pacific, Turtle Island is as remote as it gets, yet surprisingly easy to reach with a 30-minute seaplane journey from Nadi.

And with just 14 villas, there will only ever be a maximum of 28 guests at any one time across the 500-acre private island. So whether you choose to rent Turtle Island for a large group of friends and family, or just for yourself and your significant other, you’ll be guaranteed total privacy, gourmet food and wine from the freshly caught and grown produce on the island, and the renowned warmth of a Fijian welcome.

To learn more about reserving Turtle Island exclusively, please contact us today to begin your journey to our private island paradise.

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