Reconnect with your partner in the laps of Fiji luxury

Set upon 500 exclusive acres Turtle Island resort is situated amidst white sandy beaches, lush green sceneries and spectacular natural beauty. True lavishness is treasured in the privacy of the resort’s “bures” or villas.

The flawless shift from indoor to outdoor living creates a stimulating relaxed yet lavish ambiance. Diving in an inimitable underwater world, horseback riding, rainforest tours, surfing, snorkeling, or meeting native artists. Whether you opt to dine in your “bure” or to eat with fellow visitors you enjoy dishes that are based on the freshest produce.

Turtle Island prides itself on an integral viewpoint, integrating elements of the whole island into each visitor’s experience, and presenting products and ingredients grown and raised on the island.

Romantic Turtle Island

At Turtle Island resort, romance and opulence go hand in hand in this Fiji’s Yasawa Islands chain. The Island is a tropical heaven that has given the movie The Blue Lagoon. These days, this clandestine 500-acre island with its 14 Fijian holiday homes and impressive exotic surroundings is one of the world’s most preferred honeymoon destinations. Each villa is environmental friendly and delightfully fixed with conventional furniture built by local artisans, proffering the ultimate passion and privacy. A wealth of water activities and unforgettable dining experiences await couples at this blissful all-embracing island resort in the South Pacific.

Quixotic Escape at Turtle Island

Turtle Island’s setting and amenities are premeditated for couples who adore each other’s company – confidential beachfront villas, dreamy picnics for two, cozy moonlit dinners at the seashore, horseback riding at daybreak, private coast that is yours to discover, and calming and bodily massages. These gratifications are enhanced by the gracious and friendly pampering of Fijian staff at the Island, who enjoy sharing it with every couple who visit.

It is unfeasible not to be captured by the enchantment and romance of Turtle Island, Fiji. This dazzling private resort is just right for couples who need a break from their daily lives to reconnect and reacquaint. The island proffers you more time for the attention and love that you both require.

If you are a venturesome couple, there is lots of fun in store for you. You will be able to snorkel, surf, dive, and ski to your satisfaction. Our staff ensures that you have plenty of fun in whichever activity you engage in. For the romantic couples who like reading books, sitting or staring into each other’s eyes you will get plenty romantic locations benevolently proffered by Mother Nature.

The glamorous allure of Turtle Island has attracted countless couples to our island shores. The secluded location and the kindheartedness of our people makes Turtle Island resort the splendid destination for a couple to rekindle their love.

Accommodating only 14 couples, our island resort specializes in intimate getaways, honeymoons, weddings and special occasions such as an anniversary.

At Turtle Island Resort, you are treated to the true spirit of Fiji. You will discover the serenity of a friendly getaway on our private 500-acre paradise which boasts of virgin tropical rainforest, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, flanking coral reefs where a multiplicity of great marine thrives.

Turtle Island is the ideal Fiji island resort for your romantic reconnection, wedding or honeymoon. Regardless of your relationship, a romantic getaway is sure to turn up the heat and prove to your other half just how much you care.

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