Our Guide to an Idyllic Family Vacation in Fiji

Settling on a sunlounger may be your idea of heaven but your kids will likely need more to keep them occupied. Thankfully with more than 300 islands and plenty of kid-friendly activities to choose from, Fiji is an ideal destination for a family vacation.

A family vacation to Fiji has it all, from adrenaline-pumping river rafting, kayaking and windsurfing to some more leisurely activities such as rainforest walks, tidal pool explorations and mini-golf.

Fijian culture places family at the heart of everything it does which means you’ll find some of the best family vacation spots in Fiji. Fijians adore children and from the very first ‘bula’ you’ll be given a genuinely warm welcome. With year-round tropical temperatures, shallow turquoise lagoons and a laid-back island vibe, these islands make the ideal Fiji family vacation.


With its soft sands, coconut palms and colorful reefs, you might think Fiji is all about couples seeking relaxation and privacy.

But you’ll also find some of the world’s best family vacation spots in Fiji that ensure the kids are well looked after. Beautiful resorts in Fiji offer gorgeous lagoon-style swimming pools, fun kid-friendly activities and authentic thatched bures sitting over aquamarine waters.

Some of the Fiji family vacation packages at the resorts will include kayaking, snorkeling, wind-surfing and barbecues on the beach. And most resorts that welcome children will have a kids’ club for different age ranges with activities ranging from treasure hunts and arts and crafts, to crab hunting and seashell collecting. Children will also enjoy Fijian language lessons, taking part in traditional Polynesian dancing and learning about another culture.


Many Fiji family vacation resorts have free Kids’ Clubs allowing parents to enjoy quality time together safe in the knowledge that the kids are making new friends, playing games and learning about local Fijian culture.

The best things about a family vacation to Fiji? Many of the resorts’ Kids’ Clubs base their programs of activities on Fiji’s culture and nature. Little ones can learn Fijian songs and how to meke (a dance performance that enacts ancient legends and lore). They can dress up like a Fijian warrior and light the ceremonial torches.


There are some resorts in Fiji that are exclusively for adults but open their doors to families at certain times of the year, including the privately owned Turtle Island.

During these ‘Family Time’ weeks, Turtle Island’s family-focused team puts on an array of child-friendly activities, specially designed menus and a highly personalized Fijian welcome that is hard to beat.

For younger children and pre-teens, dinner is served at their very own ‘Kids Village’. Families are also provided with sun-up to sun-down childcare, which means each child under five has a dedicated nanny, while older children will be spoilt rotten with their own special Bula Buddy.

The Fiji family vacation packages at Turtle Island will mean they can enjoy typically Fijian activities such as fish feeding, snorkel lessons, island walks, Fijian storytelling, clam digging, net fishing and hand-line fishing, coconut tree climbing and sandcastle building. What more could a kid want on vacation?

For teens, they can have their meals and dinners at various locations and enjoy activities more suited to their age group including beach bonfires, outdoor movies, night time crab hunting, fishing and snorkeling excursions, stand-up paddle boarding challenges, kayak races and island hikes. They have the option of having their own Bula Buddy – but it’s not compulsory! And the best news is there’s not a TV screen or computer screen in sight given the limited reception on Turtle Island, ensuring a complete return to basics.

The Fijian Bula Buddy companions that are assigned to each child, along with each family’s Bure Mama, create new blended families. Turtle Island Resort has found that many families who return annually have seen their children grow up with the same Fijian buddies.

Other Fiji family vacation packages for the whole family to enjoy include everything from scuba diving to mountain biking, horse riding to spa treatments, wildlife conservation to cultural tours to the local villages or simply the enjoyment of a beach stroll followed by some relaxation under a palm tree.


With its warm, clear water and abundant marine life, Fiji is a top spot for young snorkelers and divers. You’ll be able to find coral reefs just offshore on many of Fiji’s islands, so snorkeling is easy and accessible for kids of all ages.

Many resorts also offer ‘Bubble-Blower’ courses where children from the age of eight can take their first underwater breaths. And strong swimmers as young as 10 can learn to dive in the nearby shallow lagoons.

As well as kayaks and stand-up paddle boards that are usually included at many resorts, you’ll also find lots of floating “sea” trampolines in Fiji. Plus there are banana boat and jet-boat rides to bring out the squeals of laughter from the little ones.

Many resorts in Fiji also foster a deep love and respect for sea with a focus on marine biology and conservation. Children can learn about underwater life, the various species of marine animals and very importantly, how to protect the coral reefs for the future.


Not all the fun in Fiji is found in the ocean. Fiji has lots of waterfalls that kids will love and there’s almost always a cool pool to jump into, usually along with local families.

In Tavenui there’s Waitavala Waterslide, where you can slide down a series of slippery rocks. Also on Tavenui are the Tavoro Waterfalls, three waterfalls also known as the Bouma Falls that are framed with thick, ridiculously green jungle. They’re especially popular with local Fijian children.

If you’re not averse to the kids getting muddy, then treat them to the Sabeto Hot Springs near Nadi on Viti Levu. The springs are a series of geothermal pools where you can wade into silky, warm mud and then get silly with some mud-slinging!

Fiji also has plenty of ziplines that travel through the rainforest for children and families to enjoy together, such as the zipline at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.


If you’re looking for one of the best family vacation spots in Fiji, then get in touch with us today at Turtle Island. We have Fiji family vacation packages called Family Time, which operate twice a year, that combine culture and learning with a love of Fiji’s natural beauty. With just 14 bures, and your very own ‘Bure Mama’ to cater to your every whim’, Turtle Island will feel like your home the moment you arrive.

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