Snorkeling can be enjoyed almost anywhere on the island – from right off your doorstep, to the main beach, to a multitude of other incredible reefs that encircle the island. Explore alone, or join one of our Fijian guides for local knowledge.

In the tranquil waters of the Blue Lagoon, living coral reefs of vibrant blue, green, and yellow ring Turtle Island and are home to fascinating fish, from lion fish to angel fish to butterfly fish.  You can swim amongst spectacular ocean life, including squid, octopi, sea cucumbers, rays, crabs, and—of course—green or hawksbill turtles.

On starry nights, the breeze carries the scent of frangipani down to the sea’s edge and the waves turn an almost otherworldly green and gold with sea life bioluminescence. Be sure to take a reflective snorkel through this underwater tropical paradise.