We are quite humbled to be honored by several awards in sustainable tourism. One of our most proud was to be recognized in 2000 as the Green Hotelier of the Year from the International Hotels and Restaurants Association. This award recognized our innovative initiatives in education, health care, and employment for local people, which we continue now.

Over the last 40 years we’ve planted more than half a million trees on our beloved island, which was once barren as a result of being overgrazed by goats. 100,000 of these beautiful trees are mahogany. The trees encourage ecological biodiversity, re-establish indigenous forests, prevent soil erosion, create windbreaks, and add to the natural beauty.

In 2013 we installed a solar farm, harvesting the energy of the sun to meet our energy needs. This was long a personal dream – to be self-sufficient, independent of diesel, and to light the way towards a clean energy future.

We’ve regularly invited environmental and cultural audits by independent research houses and academics, to ensure that the impact of Turtle Island on the local community and the island itself is measured and is positive. In 1999 the environmental auditor concluded that “Turtle Island is a precious gift of nature and something to be treasured and protected.”