Imagine celebrating that special day in an exotic tropical setting; meeting your loved one on a white, sandy beach with a warm breeze stirring the air. On Turtle, weddings are special events, and some of our guests’ fondest memories are of the delightful Fijian wedding ceremonies held at sunset on the shores of the famous Blue Lagoon.

The bride and groom may dress in traditional Fijian wedding attire made especially for them by the Turtle Island staff members. The cloth is tapa, made from tree bark and hand-painted with traditional Fijian symbols in tan, brown and black. All of the guests, along with the bride and groom, wear garlands of fresh, fragrant flowers around their necks.

The trumpeting of conch shells announces the bride’s arrival on the wedding raft, called a billi billi. Drums beat ceremonial rhythms as the bride alights and is escorted to her groom by two Fijian attendants. As they approach the Fijian chapel, they are heralded by a Fijian choir. After the ceremony, everyone participates in a Kava ceremony, an ancient tradition in honour of the bride and groom.  The newly-weds are then carried onto the billi billi for their return to the wedding feast or lovo, typically consisting of roast pork, fresh seafood and

No wedding is complete without a cake, so our staff bakes and decorates a cake of your choice. Then, under the soft glow of lantern light, guests and staff alike raise their glasses in a toast to the happy couple and continue to celebrate with everyone enjoying traditional Fijian festivities.

Our staff will make all the preparations, from the wedding clothes to the wedding feast. Methodist clergy are available from neighbouring island missions, along with Turtle Island’s own staff choir. Our guests are also invited to participate in such a joyous event.

To assure that everything proceeds smoothly, plan to arrive in Nadi on a weekday, at least three days before your wedding day. Get acquainted with staff members and fellow guests, for the feast to be planned and wedding garments prepared. DVD, digital photography of the wedding, and Memory Book of your stay are presented to each bride and groom.

Grand Fijian Beach Wedding Ceremony 

We handle all arrangements, so you can relax and treasure every moment with your beloved:

  • Marriage License Fee
  • Services of a Methodist Minister
  • Choir
  • Authentic Fijian Apparel (if desired)
  • Feast
  • Wedding Cake
  • Champagne Toast
  • Kava Ceremony
  • Wedding DVD
  • Digital Photo CD

Let us know if there’s anything else you desire, as we want to make your wedding day the memory of a lifetime.  Or, if you’d like to simplify your ceremony in any way, we can coordinate that with you as well.

What You’ll Need to Bring With You:

  • Birth Certificate or Certified copy
  • Passport
  • Application for Special License which we provide
  • Divorce or death certificate of former spouse(s) (if applicable)

Other info:

  • Only one ceremony is held per week
  • Couples must arrive on Turtle Island at least 3 days prior to the Wedding Day

Please contact us for pricing.