Family Holiday in Fiji

Whether our guests visit Turtle Island for the first week on their honeymoon or their 30th wedding anniversary, they often say the same thing – “I would love to bring my family back here." Although Turtle Island is typically a luxurious private island for couples only, we do bend the rules a few times a year. Family week at Turtle Island with our Turtle Family is magic for everyone: parents, children, and grandparents. Fijians believe that family and friends are the most important things in life. We’ve honored this cultural tradition, and have created a new sense of community, called the Turtle Family, complete with a nurturing, teaching, and fun-loving staff.

We provide every child 5 and under with a Nanny. From 6 years and above, every child has their own “Bula Buddy” to be a companion and playmate. Parents can relax and enjoy the serenity Turtle Island has to offer, safe in the knowledge that their children are constantly under the watchful eye of our dedicated, loving Turtle Island care givers.

The activity program for Family Week is very flexible. We tailor the days to make sure there is always something fun and adventurous for every child on the Island. We have fishing, sporting events, lots of swimming and water activities, as well as crafts and games. Please contact one of our Client Managers to discuss a Family Week vacation.

Upcoming Family Week Dates:

08-Apr-17 to 15-Apr-17    29-Mar-18 to 13-Apr-18
24-Jun-17 to 16-Jul-17 23-Jun-18 to 15-Jul-18
16-Dec-17 to 7-Jan-18 15-Dec-18 to 9-Jan-19