Choose a Fiji Resort that Protects the Islands Natural Beauty

Global Good

Ideas to inspire the world

The spirit of Turtle Island inspires us to care for our planet and one another. Our hope is that after living in harmony with us, you will take this island spirit with you and share it with the planet.


Turtle wisdom reminds us to slow down and live in balance

Endangered sea turtles are ancient animals, carrying with them secrets of the sea. Local fishermen bring green and hawksbill turtles to Turtle Island, where we tag and release them in partnership with World Wildlife Fund.

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A precious gift of nature

In the earliest days of the eco-movement, we led the way and were named “Green Hotelier of the Year”. Then an environmental audit extolled the rare beauty of our island — “Turtle Island is a precious gift of nature and something to be treasured and protected.” It is our privilege to be the stewards of such a magnificent place. We are conscious of our eco-footprint, and so we harness our energy from the sun. We reforested the land which had been overgrazed by goats, and we build with island-grown hardwoods whenever possible. We grow and share our food, and we continue to innovate in tending to the delicate balance of our environment.

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Accelerating Positive Change

Turtle Talks hosts global conversations to imagine a better world. Inspired by Turtle Island’s solar farm, the inaugural series of 12 episodes imagines a clean energy future – a world in which our power is harvested from renewable sources of energy, a world in which pollution and its health effects are eliminated, a world in which humans live in balance on the planet.


A way of life that nurtures the human spirit by infusing every day with love and joy

Turtle Island and its neighbouring seven villages in the central Yasawas have resisted any temptation for development. There are no high-rises or tennis courts. No airfields or shopping malls. No televisions or billboards. Just unspoiled natural beauty and the gentle rhythm of the tides.

Fijian culture is very much alive on Turtle Island, and when you visit, you will live and play alongside Fijians. Fijians are taught from an early age that family and friends are most important in life – and this has remained true even in our world where technology is pervasive. From this warm, ancient yet living culture comes a welcoming and fun-loving community. We’ll spoil you with our hospitality or, if you prefer, leave you to savor your solitude.