Yes you can. If you fly to Fiji and directly back to the US, you are not required to quarantine on your return to the US

Due to the nature of close proximity in airports and aircraft, there is a possible higher risk of transmission. You can reduce the risk of tranmission by wearing facemasks and regulary cleaning your hands

You will be transfered by Helicopter or Private Boat to the island. Your Client Manager can advise you on the transfer options.

If you are flying Fiji Airways, you will be asked to wear a facemask for the duration of your flight. You should back at least 2 masks per person, per flight.

The CDC strongly advises the use of facebmasks on planes. Back at least 2 facemasks per person, per flight

There is no evidence that Covid 19 is spreadby food. Fiji Airways are following strict cleaning measures to minimise and prevent the spread of Covid.

Fiji Airways have gone to extensive mesaures to keep you safe… Details can be found via link

2 masks per person per flight, disinfectant wipes and a small bottle of hand santizer (no larger than 100ml)

Because everyone is wearing masks and folloing strict hygein protocals, you are at low risk of infection. If you suspect you or anyone on the flight is unwell, please let a member of the cabin crew know. They will advise you on what to do.