There are cases of Covid-19 in Fiji. Vaccinations are underway.


Please refer to the following link for travel advice from the USA to Fiji:

Yes, Fiji has a contact tracing app. All travelers arriving into Fiji are required to download the app.

You can download the careFIJI app prior to your arrival here:

Until the border re-opens, everyone arriving into Fiji is required to quarantine for 14 days. This will change as soon as people can freely travel in to Fiji.

Fiji has a good network of health facilities (health centers and hospitals). The nearest hospitals to Turtle Island is either Nadi or Lautoka (both approximately 25 minutes in helicopter).

Unfortunately, it has not been proven that the sun or heat slows the spread of Covid 19. However, there is no Covid-19 in Fiji Community.

Ensuring you and your group self-isolate and follow strict hygiene practices including the use of facemasks prior to your departure date will greatly reduce your chances of catching Covid-19. In the event of receiving a positive Covid-19 test whilst in Fiji, officials will contact you and the Island Director in complete confidence. Medics will assess your condition and you will be required to segregate from the rest of your group and possibly transferred to Lautoka Hospital on the mainland where the specialist Covid-19 team can monitor you closely. When your symptoms ease, you will need to provide a negative test result before you can fly back to the United States.

Should your systems worsen and you wish to fly back home to the United States, Medivac can be arranged at your cost to repatriate you back to the United States. Medivac will need to seek clearance from the US Government before your flight can depart Fiji.