Best Beaches in Fiji: Explore & Experience the Ocean Water

9 of The Best Beaches in Fiji

Sparkling waters, powdery white beaches, and lush jungle landscapes: Fiji is every bit the dream destination it’s made out to be. Nestled in the South Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia, this fantastical archipelago of over 300 islands offers some of the world’s most heavenly coastlines.

It’s impossible to pick out the best island in Fiji for beaches, let alone the best beaches in Fiji islands, but some of them do stand out. If you’re eyeing the tropical wonderland for a honeymoon, a getaway, or for diving in some of the clearest waters in the world, read on for our list of some of the best beaches in Fiji to visit.

Fiji’s Best Beaches

Devil’s Beach

It can’t be easy being a standout beach on an island of pristine beaches, let alone an island with 12 different beaches, but Devil’s Private Beach does it. Sitting on one end of the 500-acre Turtle Island, its stretch is marked by palm trees on the white shores of the stunning Blue Lagoon waters.

This beach was put on the “best beaches in Fiji” map for being where the acclaimed movie The Blue Lagoon was shot. It’s easy to see why the beach was chosen as the setting for a remote island paradise. It’s the perfect scene for romance or reflection.

Walk along the shore in the footsteps of Hollywood stars Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, while enjoying the tranquility that comes with Turtle Island’s privacy. Apart from being a great area for snorkeling, it is also one of the few beaches where one can swim 24 hours a day.

Natadola Beach

Sand stretches out as far as the eye can see and blue waters lap softly as lush green trees fan in the wind. Natadola beach was fashioned from a god’s dream. No wonder it has been described as paradise right on Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji.

This beach is not just popular for being on the mainland, its exquisite beauty has seen it featured in numerous lists of the world’s top beaches, including this ultimate tally by CNN Travel. Many tourists come to see this beauty for themselves, and it helps that it is one of the best beaches near Nadi, Fiji’s main airport.

It is a versatile beach perfect for romance; think a sunset horse ride alongside your partner, as well as more energetic activities—sun, sand, and surf, anyone? Viti Levu is not called the Coral Coast for nothing. At the ends of this beach you’ll find extensive coral reefs with the beautiful fauna providing an excellent exhibition for snorkeling.

Castaway Island

To the south of Yasawa Islands, west of Fiji’s capital, are the crystal clear waters, palm-fringed sandy beaches, and live coral reefs of Castaway Island. One of the best beaches to swim in Fiji, it offers an amazing beachfront for snorkeling, diving and coral viewing, as well as high-energy activities such as kayaking and windsurfing.

Officially named Qalito Island, Castaway Island gets its nickname from the Castaway Island Resort and is one of the 20 islands that make up the Mamanuca volcanic archipelago of Fiji. The islands have been the filming location of the Survivor television series since 2016, a testament to the variety of offerings available on the island. Swim with reef sharks if you’re seeking adventure, or lie about like a castaway—albeit with a cocktail. The choice is yours.

Honeymoon Beach

Turtle Island, a 500-acre private island of the Yasawa group of islands, lies one of the most postcard-worthy stretches of sand in Fiji. Honeymoon Beach is a breathtaking crescent of white sand, bordering rocky headlands, and lush rainforest.

Turtle Island is a privately owned island that limits guests. Our Fiji resort only allows 14 couples at a time and allocates each couple their stretch of beach every day. You’ll likely have this stretch of palm, sun, and sand to yourself for your visit.

The beach leads into the Fiji clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and has a shallow surf so you don’t have to go deep to see marine life such as turtles and tropical fish. With its beauty and tranquility, it’s easy to see how this beach earned its name. It’s a premier destination for any couple looking to enjoy a perfect Fiji honeymoon.

Long Beach

If your idea of a beach holiday is endless strolls on fine sand with a magnificent view of the sunset, Long Beach is the place to go. It is Fiji’s longest beach, running several kilometers along the north shore of Kadavu Island, the fourth largest island in Fiji.

Enjoy the view of the azure Fiji ocean water as you relax on a hammock or take a horse ride on the shoreline, or take your adventure underwater. The water is warm and the beach has an amazing reef with drop-offs for diving. You can also go nighttime spearfishing if you’re craving some adventure on your holiday. Unfortunately, swimming at low tide on the Kadavu Island stretch of Long Beach is not recommended as stingrays like to hide in the sand in shallow waters.

Horseshoe Bay

On Matagi Island you can experience this horseshoe-shaped beach that boasts secluded splendor. Matagi is an extinct volcano whose crater fell away on one side and formed the picturesque Horseshoe Bay, one of the finest islands in Fiji. It’s so aesthetically pleasing that it was included in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. What many people don’t know is that this small island of the Vanua Levu archipelago was inaccessible until only recently, making it a virtually untouched island.

Though commonly mistaken for the Bermuda Horseshoe Bay pink sand beach, Fiji’s Horseshoe Bay is just as much a location to add to the bucket list with its scenic views and a beautiful reef right offshore.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Famous for its beauty, the area between the Yasawa archipelago known as the Blue Lagoon is ringed by islands with soft rolling peaks. Blue Lagoon beach sits on the shores of one of these islands, the hilly volcanic island of Nacula, offering a breathtaking contrast of forest against ocean.

Bury your toes in the smooth, pearl-white sand as you walk along the beach, or get into the sparkling water and snorkel. You don’t have to go far to see marine life. The water here is so clear you can see the colorful fish even from above the surface. It is one of the best beaches in Fiji for a getaway, offering a relaxing backdrop to honeymooners and solo travelers alike.

Seagrass Bay

Another destination that commonly finds its way to the list of top beaches in the world, this private island paradise is a 50-minute flight from Fiji’s main island and is one of the best islands in Fiji for luxury and romance.

The beach borders a tropical jungle that is home to some of the rarest birds and animals on one side, and crystal-blue waters with spellbinding marine life on the other. Enjoy the still beauty of the beach or dip into the warm water for some snorkeling: a visit to this beach is not one you will soon forget.

Yasawa Islands Beaches

The Yasawa groups of Islands are famous for their powdery white sand beaches and known to have the best selection of beaches in Fiji. The Yasawa beaches are located in the west of Fiji and experience ideal weather year round compared to other parts of the country. Oarsman’s Bay Lodge beach and Nanuya Lailai beach are popular for day trips and snorkeling.. Nanuya Levu island, which is where Turtle Island Resort is located, has a number of pristine beaches such as Long beach, Devil’s beach and Paddy’s beach which have been featured in movies.

Yasawa Islands beaches offer picture-perfect shores overlooking the clear waters of the South Pacific and most beaches are great for water activities, such as snorkeling and diving, at any tide and anytime of the year.

Discover the Best Beaches With Turtle Island, Fiji

There’s no better way to experience the beauty of mystical Fiji than by spending time on its heavenly beaches. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating experience for your mind, body, and soul, then you will find paradise on Turtle Island.

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Enjoy 12 of the most beautiful pristine beaches in Fiji right from your private bure (Fijian villa), with a view of the breathtaking panoramas of the Blue Lagoon and neighboring Yasawa islands. With a maximum of 14 couples at one time, guests are guaranteed a private beach for exclusive use every second day of their stay. Whether you want to enjoy a sunrise horseback ride followed by a champagne breakfast, have a private picnic lunch setup for you and your partner or simply lay in your hammock reading your favorite book, it’s completely up to you how you would like to use your private beach.

If this sounds like your dream vacation, browse Fiji vacation packages today and plan your next getaway for romance, relaxation, or adventure.

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