Fiji Vs Bora Bora: How Do These Two Dream Island Destinations Compare?

Think Fiji vs Bora Bora and you’ll find a lot of similarities: two South Pacific islands boasting picture-postcard beaches, tropical verdant backdrops and an abundance of marine life. Then there’s the vast array of accommodation, fine dining and activities, from scuba diving and snorkelling to beach picnics, mountain hikes and deep-sea fishing trips. But pour […]

Your Next Tropical Getaway: Fiji vs Tahiti?

FIJI OR TAHITI: WHERE TO GO FOR YOUR NEXT ISLAND GETAWAY Fiji and Tahiti are both breathtaking destinations in the South Pacific with much to offer visitors. Both have many wonderful accommodation options, powdery sand beaches, crystal-clear waters to explore, and a plethora of activities to suit each type of vacation from honeymoons to family […]

Turtle Island helps kids go back to school during COVID-19 pandemic

January 2021 – On Monday, 18 January, students in the Nacula District began a new year at school after the Christmas holidays. What is usually an exciting time with fresh faces and supplies was overshadowed by the crippling effects of COVID-19 on Fiji’s tourism industry, coupled with the destruction of tropical Cyclone Yasa. Nearing 12 […]

The Best Vacation Proposal Ideas

Wedding proposals are a major life event and can therefore be a daunting process. Wedding website – The Yes Girls – says that one of the biggest fears they hear is “Is my proposal going to be as unique as our love story or will it be just like everyone else’s?” Be it the most […]