The Mamanuca Islands in Fiji: Vacation Destination Guide

A Guide to Mamanuca Islands, Fiji When it comes to world-class island paradises, Fiji ranks among the very best in the world. Fine white sand, crystal clear water, and diverse marine life—this island nation is truly a gem of the Pacific. And among Fiji’s more than 300 islands, some of the most amazing beaches and […]

Best Time to Visit Fiji: Guide to Travel Year-Round

What’s The Best Time of Year to Go to Fiji? One of the advantages of being a Pacific island is that Fiji is a fantastic destination year-round. That means you can easily fit a Fiji dream vacation into your holiday calendar, even during the winter months. There are, however, certain best times of year to […]

Food in Fiji: Traditional Cuisine & Popular Dishes

A Guide to Food in Fiji Known for its clear waters and pristine white beaches, Fiji is truly one of the most beautiful island paradises on Earth. However, many people don’t pay much attention to the food, and that’s a shame. Fiji happens to have one of the most diverse and fascinating island cuisines in […]