Vow Renewals on Turtle Island Fiji

The ultimate in luxury private island weddings and honeymoons, Turtle Island has been consistently rated one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations.  Our remote paradise is the perfect place for a couple who cherishes their love, whether new or renewed.

Renewing your vows on a pristine beach with impossibly blue waters lapping the shore, celebrating your marriage in a secluded bure (Fijian villa) with breathtaking views, and commemorating your lifelong romance with your spouse, Turtle Island can make your dream romantic getaway a reality.

Make your vow renewal as simple or as elaborate as you choose.  We’d be delighted to “re-marry” you in one of our elaborate wedding ceremonies, complete with billi billi (thatched raft on which the bride arrives), angelic Fijian choir, and traditional wedding feast for all in attendance.  Or, let us know if you prefer the solitude of an impossibly romantic setting – mountain top ceremony overlooking all the neighbouring islands, a jungle commemoration, or vow renewal as the sun rises over one of our spectacular beaches.  We love to create your dreams!