When Captain Cook first discovered the Fiji Islands, he decided that the shallow water and reefs were much to dangerous to explore. It wasn't until Captain Bligh sailed through, that he took a chance and navigated around the reef to reach the islands. Upon arriving to Fiji, he was greeted on the beach by Fijian warriors and that's just what happened to our guests on our weekly Sunset Cruise yesterday evening.

"We don't know where the island is!" Shouts Atu, our Sunset Cruise host. "We have no food, we have no water... get ready on the port side and on the starboard side... we are in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of no where!"

After several minutes of floating on the dark Fijian waters, we saw a light, flickering in the distance. As we came closer, we realized that the boat had stumbled upon Fijian warriors, just as Captain Bligh did all those years ago. The warriors ran up and down the beach with fire torches in their hands, shouting and dancing. All of the sudden one warrior turned into four warriors, four into seven, and seven into ten! Then the music began and a traditional 'kabu' performance began as our guests watched from the boat.

As the performance finished, guests were astounded over the experience and several of our guests that have travelled to Fiji several times before said that it was by far the best traditional performance they have ever witnessed! "It really felt like we were pulling up to this deserted island that appeared out of nowhere and was only inhabited by Fijian warriors.... it was amazing!" said one of our guests... "We hope to see this again next Monday!"