Protecting Turtle Island Fiji

In 1999 our environmental auditor concluded that “Turtle Island is a precious gift of nature and something to be treasured and protected.”  We couldn’t agree more.  And it is our honor and privilege to be the protector and steward of such a magnificent place.  We feel blessed and chosen for the task.

First, we’ve designed a resort experience that keeps in balance the environment and the culture, so that both can be truly enjoyed by just a handful of guests – only 14 couples are invited to join us at any time.

For the environment, we reforested our treasured island which had been overgrazed by goats, we harness our energy from the sun, and we grow and share our own food. Wherever possible our buildings are constructed from island-grown hardwoods, and we look for innovative ways to tend to the delicate balance of our environment.

For the culture, we invest in the education of our Fijian youth, we honor the Fijian heritage of music and story telling, and we host annually medical and dental clinics. When needed, we launch special projects, like post-cyclone rebuilding, to benefit our neighbouring villages.

The mantra “to protect” is one we take on with deep commitment and reverence.