Turtle Island Resort in Fiji is a spectacular, 500-acre independently owned island. It is the perfect setting for honeymooners. Additionally, if you have a special occasion to celebrate such as an anniversary or marriage renewal ceremony, this exotic island location will make your special occasion spectacular. Turtle Island Resort is unique because it only accommodates a select 28 visitors at a time. Each one of the 14 bures – whimsical, handcrafted Fijian villas – are situated on the world renowned Blue Lagoon. Each of the bures is surrounded by enough space so that you will feel that you are staying on your very own slice of paradise.

A Work of Fijian Art

Authentic Fijian workmanship is on display and reveals itself in everything from the bures to the mix of modern and traditional architecture on the premises. For example, the thatched roofs provide an old world charm for guests. They are usually a takeaway memory for guests on the resort.

Surround Yourself with Romance

Whether you're arranging a surprise proposal at sunset, an unforgettable anniversary, or a honeymoon, Turtle Island has all you could desire for any intimate getaway. Just think about how much more memorable your marriage proposal will be if you had a breathtaking Fijian sunset as your backdrop. It is a recipe for a lifelong cherished memory. After all, one of Turtle Island's claim to fame is that was the setting for the movie, The Blue Lagoon.

Savor the Adventure


Turtle Island is an unspoiled tropical playground. There are enough activities on the island to keep you happily occupied. Take sailing lessons on blue seas or go for a swim in a warm tropical lake. If sailing is your thing, let the exotic breeze gently carry you along your private seashore. Additionally, the resort will provide you with opportunities to go kayaking, saltwater fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, or just take a relaxing sunset cruise.


If you want to savor the adventure on dry land, you have many choices. Explore the amazing beauty of this island on a hike. Discover paradise through canopied jungle paths and verdant, lush gardens. Bicycle across remote trails or even explore the grassland by horseback. The view of the turquoise waters is spectacular by horseback. Turtle Island is well known for its black volcanic cliffs and thick, tropical jungles.

If you are not sure where to start, you have nothing to worry about. The resort staff will help you customize an island adventure that is tailor-made for you. After your adventure, soothe your aching muscles with a deep tissue massage back at the resort.

Dining on the Exotic

After you finish partaking in the island adventures, settle down to chow down to world-class seafood from the same blue seas. Due to the exotic island ambience that Turtle Island possesses, dining at the resort will produce unforgettable experiences. Sometimes dinner will come along with dance entertainment provided by talented Fijians. In that case, you will get a chance to feast your eyes as well as your stomach. The island feast includes delicacies such as lobster, Aussie beef, yellow tuna, crab, native fresh fruits, and island-grown vegetables. Pair this food with the finest French, Italian, and New Zealand.

Turtle Island Resort is a resort where you will feel relaxed and renewed at the same time. Handcrafted bures will house you with a touch of old world charm. Using an exotic backdrop of warm sienna sunsets and tropical flowers, any event that you hold on the island will be special. Turtle Island Resort will help you create cherished memories of a lifetime.