If you breathe deeply, you can feel the caressing balm of the salt air. If you amble barefoot on our ancient sands, you can intimately connect to yourself and your beloved.

This is the beauty of Turtle Island. For thousands of years, the shores of our paradise were untouched, and the spirit of Turtle Island danced only with the waves and the wind. Its coconut palms bowed gracefully to the majestic ocean, the coral reefs, and the frolicking sea life.  The generous sun kissed its mountains, the full moon rose to welcome mystery, and the stars twinkled against the night sky promising the wonders of the eternal and a brilliant future.

Forty years ago a man happened upon this isolated oasis. Having run too fast for too long, he was searching for home. He discovered this island paradise – or perhaps it found him. As he settled in, he set about to care for this natural gem. He planted thousands of trees, he protected its wildlife, and he created a family by befriending the nearby villagers and tending the land together. He nurtured the island, and the island healed his spirit.  And so evolved the lifelong love affair between this man and this island – Richard Evanson and Turtle Island.

This is the magic of Turtle Island. A place where the soul is touched, by both the people and the wild and primal freedom of nature. If you desire acceptance, the generosity and humble nature of the Fijian people will embrace you. If you desire ease, the exuberant and playful nature of the Fijians will offer laughter and fond memories. If you desire love and connection, the light of the Fijian heart can reach you simply in a genuine and welcoming smile.

In a way Turtle Island is not so much “our island” – rather it is a gift to the world. Our family is simply the steward of this most precious jewel. We are deeply grateful to be tapped for the honor of protecting this divine treasure, and it is our privilege to share it with you.

We hope you will join us to experience the joy, serenity and romance of our island paradise.  Because truly, Turtle Island once discovered is never forgotten.