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Hidden in the luscious green of the tropical forest is the hammock, swaying to the music of nature. You are in love and lost in nature; the only footprints are yours and your loved ones.

Celeb Staff Magazine

Turtle Island was a dream vacation as promised and then so much more. We have stayed in contact with our new international friends. Can’t wait to go back!

Josh Dunn – Publisher, 425 Magazine

It is one of the original ecotourism destinations, adhering to environmentally sound and sustainable operating practices and fulfilling a responsibility to contribute to the local community.

Global Traveler Magazine


Turtle Island is one of those places that takes a piece of your heart. When we stepped foot on that serene, sacred lagoon, we fell in love with the destination, the accommodations and most of all – the people. When it came time for us to leave, we fought the tears back and found ourselves missing it already. I’ve never felt that way about any destination I’ve visited. The day I return cannot come soon enough.

Jennifer Stein – Editor in Chief, Destination I Do Magazine


Turtle Island Installs Solar Panels – September 2012 Turtle Island resort in Fiji is installing 968 solar panels on the ground and rooftops to power the island. The private, 14-villa resort will complete this eco-update...Read More

2012 Certificate of Excellence Award,Trip Advisor Turtle Island Fiji wins Trip Advisors’ 2012 Certificate of Excellence! This exclusive accolade is given only to establishments that consistently receive outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Read more

Modern Bride Magazine – #1 Ultimate Resort for a Secluded Honeymoon in the World Congratulations to Turtle Island on being selected as the #1 Ultimate Resort for a Secluded Honeymoon in the World in the 10th Annual World’s Best survey.”


Turtle Island Fiji: A Luxury escapade to the South Pacific Of all the luxury destinations in the world, Turtle Island Fiji rates amongst the top most romantic and beautiful holiday sites in the world. This intimate and welcoming island nestled in the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean is part of a dream world, in which you can forget all the stress and turmoil of the world you left behind.Read more…



Turtle Island Fiji: The Answer is Yes. Texas Monthly, July 2012 Paradise does exist and can be found on a secluded island, where the service is very personal. As the six-seat seaplane glided to a stop on the Blue Lagoon in front of Turtle Island,I looked out my window…Read More

Bula Bula! Bask Magazine July, 2012 There’s so much to love about Fiji, it’s hard to know where to begin. Beyond the lure of the stunning island landscapes, clear azure waters and luxurious resorts that make up this South Pacific country is the main thing..Read More

Turtle Island Fiji, Where Love and Nature Florish You are enroute to a remote destination in the South Pacific called Turtle Island, part of the Yasawa Islands Group in the Republic of Fiji.A string of ancient volcanic lagoons and jagged islands pass below as you arrive by seaplane.The moment you step onto the...Read more

Turtle Island Fiji, Where Luxury Meets Romance in the South Pacific, Just Luxe Cast away on a desert island, the story of a young and doe-eyed Brooke Shields had once captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The incandescent waters of the Blue Lagoon brought a profound sense of wonder to the silverscreenRead more

Turtle Island Fiji, Black Diamond Lifestyle Turtle Island is the most romantic getaway imaginable, with its own unique blend of beauty, seclusion and environmental sensitivity. This private island is reached by an exhilarating scenic seaplane flight that brings you directly to the warm, clear waters of the…Read more

Turtle Island: Paradise Found – Affluent Magazine Turtle Island has been the proud recipient of more than six international ecotourism awards, not only for their garden, forest, and fishing efforts, but also for Evanson’s innovative “hot room.” He is eco-conscious in employing the use of solar panels and…Read more

Unforgettable Dining Experiencess Turtle Island Resort Fiji not only an untouched tropical paradise, but it is also a foodie’s dream. You can expect feasts comprised of delicacies like yellow fin tuna, succulent lobster, crab, tender Australian beef, sweet island fruits and freshly picked island-grown organic vegetables. The meals are paired with the finest wines and champagne… Read more