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Dear Turtle Island...

With all of your beauty, ingenuity, talent, and culture, you are making me a better person.

Matt Payne - Journalist, Vegabondish Matt Payne - Journalist, Vegabondish

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You'll Cry When You Leave...

That's a real marker of a great trip. A place so beautiful, comforting and cultural that guests feel they are part of the "family"

Natalie Compagno - Huffington Post Natalie Compagno - Huffington Post

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From the second the seaplane...

swoops down upon the crystalline lagoon, it is clear that Turtle Island is more than a resort: It’s an experience.

Josh Dunn – Publisher, 425 Magazine Josh Dunn – Publisher, 425 Magazine

Hidden in the luscious green...

of the tropical forest is the hammock, swaying to the music of nature. You are in love and lost in nature.

Celeb Staff Magazine Celeb Staff Magazine

It is one of the original ecotourism..

destinations, adhering to environmentally sound operating practices and fulfilling a responsibility to contribute to the community.

Global Traveler Magazine Global Traveler Magazine

So why do we love...

this private all-inclusive island? Silly question really; everything at Turtle Island Fiji is the stuff dream vacations are made of.

Edward Readicker-Henderson – Editor, Edward Readicker-Henderson – Editor,

Turtle Island is not just...

the most romantic resort in Fiji, it’s one of the dreamiest places in the world.

Authentic Luxury Travel – Elizabeth Hansen Authentic Luxury Travel – Elizabeth Hansen

Turtle Island was a dream vacation...

as promised and then so much more. Can’t wait to go back!

Elissa Richard – Yahoo Travel Elissa Richard – Yahoo Travel

I just left the freest place on Earth...

The island was amazing! I knew it would be beautiful, but the people made it truly great.

Shea Peters - Freelancer

Turtle Island is one of those places...

that takes a piece of your heart. When we stepped foot on that serene, sacred lagoon, we fell in love with the destination, the accommodations and most of all – the people. When it came time for us to leave, we fought the tears back and found ourselves missing it already. I’ve never felt that way about any destination I’ve visited. The day I return cannot come soon enough.

Jennifer Stein – Editor in Chief, Destination I Do Jennifer Stein – Editor in Chief, Destination I Do

From the air we could see...

young Fijian warrior men in grass skirts on the beach waving to us. When the noise of the propellers stopped, we could hear ukuleles and their voices singing out across the water. The chorus of their song was “welcome home”. This was a delightful welcome at what would prove to be an extraordinary family holiday.

Susan Borham - Luxury Travel Australia Susan Borham - Luxury Travel Australia


2015 Certificate of Excellence Award, Trip Advisor

Turtle Island wins Trip Advisors’ Certificate of Excellence! This exclusive accolade is given only to establishments that consistently receive outstanding traveler reviews.

Modern Bride Magazine – #1 Ultimate Resort for a Secluded Honeymoon in the World

Congratulations to Turtle Island on being selected as the #1 Ultimate Resort for a Secluded Honeymoon in the World in the 10th Annual World’s Best survey.”


Open Air Cinema in Fiji

This year marks the 35th Anniversary of Turtle Island, and to celebrate the culture, history, and heritage of place, Blue Lagoon Star Christopher Atkins, and Producer Randal Kleiser have joined us to commemorate this momentous occasion.

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A Luxury Escapade to the South Pacific

Of all the luxury destinations in the world, Turtle Island Fiji rates amongst the top most romantic and beautiful holiday sites in the world.

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7 Insidery Celebrity Hideaways You Didn't Know Existed, BravoTV

Considered to be one of the best islands in Fiji (there are 322, so that's saying something), Turtle Island is also a top honeymoon spot: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline spent their post-wedding vacay here (another lifetime ago).

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Intimate Private Islands for Rent, Dujour

Why book a hotel suite when you can book an island? Features private butler service, gourmet dinner parties, all activities including horseback riding, windsurfing, sailing and reef fishing.

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The World's Most Remote Places (And Why They're Worth The Distance), HuffPost Travel

Remember, the 80s flick, The Blue Lagoon? That's Turtle Island. Now you get the picture. You and your honey will feel like the world is your oyster.

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10 Crazy-Romantic Restaurants To Up Your Valentine’s Day Game, AWOL

If sharing a restaurant with other people is killing your vibe, why not dine on a pontoon floating on a lagoon?

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Guide to the Best Island Vacations, Coastal Living

Claim the real “Blue Lagoon” for yourself on Turtle Island, an all-inclusive private island resort for only 14 couples at a time, and where the films were made.

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Talbot's Take on Food and Life, The Fiji Times

NEW York-based chef Sam Talbot will be at Turtle Island Resort this week for the Savour the Flavour event, a weeklong affair aimed at preparing dishes using local produce.

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Celebrity Chef Carols Happy to Explore Fijian Flavours, Fiji Sun

Renowned international celebrity chef Carlos Charlitos Cham says hi is happy to tap into the rich culinary flavours of Fiji.

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Seafood Special, The Fiji Times

MEXICAN chef Carlos Cham made good use of his visit to Turtle Island Resort in the Yasawa Group, last week creating contemporary dishes using local produce in season.

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Exotic Thanksgiving Options for Those Who Want to Ditch Tradition, The Street

On the ultra luxurious Turtle Island, Thanksgiving, and the celebration of abundance, will not be confined to a mere week. This year, the island is starting a new tradition - a month-long Thanksgiving celebration...

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Disconnected Paradise of Honeymooner's Dreams, JustLuxe

No need to bring your Louboutins here. There are no sidewalks, just sand and a few walkways, so sandals and flip-flops are the shoe of choice...

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10 Amazing Secret Islands for Your Honeymoon, Martha Stewart

You know that movie Blue Lagoon, starring a very young Brooke Shields? It was filmed on this 500-acre private island resort, owned by former cable television magnate...

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Celebrate The Blue Lagoon's 35th Anniversary, People Magazine

Celebrate The Blue Lagoon's 35th Anniversary with 10 Movie Facts You Should Know. It's the story of two young people freed from society's restraints and allowed to find true love on an island paradise...

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This Summer Marked the 35th Anniversary of The Blue Lagoon, The Examiner

Turtle Island could conceivably be called the third lead character in the movie, considering it’s natural beauty, untouched landscape and exotic flora and fauna.

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Island Resort Stands Out, Tourism Fiji

Explore how Richard Evanson, 80, the owner of Turtle Island has sustainably developed the island, since he purchased it in the 1970s, and worked towards his vision of achieving a self-sustaining paradise.

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Once Discovered Never Forgotten, Tourism Fiji

TURTLE Island Resort celebrated its 35th birthday operating as a resort this week. From being a private escape for owner Richard Evanson, to a tropical movie location for The Blue Lagoon...

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The Blue Lagoon Stars Return, Fiji Sun

Film director Randal Kleiser and lead actor Christopher Atkins of the famed 1980 Blue Lagoon movie shot here have come back to Fiji after 36 years.

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A Special Anniversary Celebration, Fiji Times

Actor Christopher Atkins and Film Director Randal Kleiser will return to the film location on Turtle Island for a special anniversary celebration.

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Finding Fiji - Rustic Elegance of Turtle Island

Fiji’s Turtle Island Fiji is a place where rustic island living and luxury travel collide; this is an isolated little pocket of the world filled with relaxed schedules, warm smiles and private beaches...

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Bula Bula! Bask Magazine.

There’s so much to love about Fiji, it’s hard to know where to begin. Beyond the lure of the stunning island landscapes, clear azure waters and luxurious resorts that make up this South Pacific country is the main thing...

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Turtle Island Fiji: The Answer is Yes. Texas Month

Paradise does exist and can be found on a secluded island, where the service is very personal. As the six-seat seaplane glided to a stop on the Blue Lagoon in front of Turtle Island, I looked out my window...

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Unforgettable Dining Experience

Not only an untouched tropical paradise, but it is also a foodie’s dream. You can expect feasts comprised of delicacies like yellow fin tuna, succulent lobster, crab, tender Australian beef, sweet island fruits and freshly picked island-grown organic vegetables... Paired with the finest wines and champagne...

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Turtle Island, Where Luxury Meets Romance, Just Luxe

Cast away on a desert island, the story of a young and doe-eyed Brooke Shields had once captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The incandescent waters of the Blue Lagoon brought a profound sense of wonder to the silverscreen…

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Coming Home to Turtle Island Fiji, Examiner

Turtle Island was made for relaxation from the moment one’s feet touch the white sand...

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Turtle Island Fiji, Black Diamond Lifestyle

Turtle Island is the most romantic getaway imaginable, with its own unique blend of beauty, seclusion and environmental sensitivity. This private island is reached by an exhilarating scenic seaplane flight that brings you directly to the warm, clear waters of the…

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Turtle Island: Paradise Found, Affluent Magazine

Turtle Island has been the proud recipient of more than six international ecotourism awards, not only for their garden, forest, and fishing efforts, but also for Evanson’s innovative “hot room.” He is eco-conscious in employing the use of solar panels and…

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Turtle Island Fiji, Where Love and Nature Florish

You are enroute to a remote destination in the South Pacific called Turtle Island. A string of ancient volcanic lagoons and jagged islands pass below as you arrive by seaplane.The moment you step onto the...

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