Our guests are loving some of the special events we have going on to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Turtle Island. Imagine you and your partner sitting hand in hand enjoying a cocktail and dinner at the highest point on the entire island, overlooking the neighbouring Yasawa islands... this was Saturday evening. 

Mountain top is a stunning place to watch the sunset. The staff serenaded our guests, while Arthur discussed some of the history this amazing location.

Dinner was a beautifully cooked steak placed delicately on a bed of mashed potato and spinach, with a cauliflower almond satay. Jacques Reymond selected the perfect white and red wine pairings and dessert to follow.

The next morning, Christopher Atkins and our guests sat down to a delicious Sunday breakfast consisting of made-to-order omelettes, seafood, pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, fresh squeezed fruit juices, and more. After breakfast, a group of guests went scuba diving at one of the nearby reefs. The visibility was fantastic, the coral reef was alive and bright, and there were hundreds of fish to view - it was like being in an aquarium and even our first time scuba diver (who was a bit nervous) LOVED it!

While one group was out scuba diving, another was transported by boat to one of the neighbouring villages for a traditional Sunday morning church service. It was an amazing experience to see the village, the children, and every one dressed up in white for the service.

After a busy morning, the afternoon was spent sipping cocktails, soaking up the sun, and preparing for a very special showing of The Blue Lagoon movie at CC Beach.