Laying within the Yasawa Islands, Turtle Island is a private luxury travel getaway that is part of the Fiji's Yasawa Islands chain. It is a couples only- apart from a few prearranged times of the year when children are allowed. Turtle Island is one of the few quixotic, natural and charming places in the world. Lush gardens, postcard landscapes, intact natural beauty and white sand coastline are some of the things to expect on this heavenly island.

Turtle Island Resort is devoted to proffering its guests the retreat of their lifetime. It is a fantastic resort for environment lovers or venturesome island seekers searching for a unique place to forget everything about their daily hustles. The island is a hospitable hideaway presenting exclusive retreat, splendid Fijian style abodes or "bures" in addition to a large variety of activities and excellent food. Turtle Island is also a paradise for those who want to get married or have their honeymoon.

Besides relaxing on the palm-lined beaches, guests can enjoy their stay by sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and swimming the beautiful South Pacific.

Luxury Travel

Flying in a seaplane is one of the most thrilling adventures. Seaplanes, although small, are totally safe and amazingly maneuverable, and the sights from your seat of the lucid Fijian waters and coral reefs are out of this world. The seaplane flies at a height of 1000 feet which makes the ride to be very smooth.

Our friends at Turtle Airways fly both Cessna 206's and De Havilland Beavers. The seaplane lands you on the Blue Lagoon, right on the beach. On arrival, guests are welcomed with an invigorating tropical fruit drink that is served by our friendly staff.

Delicious Foodstuff

At Turtle Island mealtimes are one of the most important moments of the day. Catering to all requirements is your own personal Bure Supervisor - part personal janitor and part butler - and an extremely skilled workforce of 100. Turtle Island's cuisine is centered on fresh seafood, vegetables grown in the Island's hydroponic plots and wines from the globe's premium vineyards.

At Turtle Island, almost everyone eats together, especially during the mornings and evenings. Although lunch may be served this way too, most couples prefer to have a picnic lunch on any of our beaches that they get for the day. Our other dining alternatives include hovering on a pontoon lit by lamps, a quixotic meal at the end of the port or simply have your dinner in your room. Meals end with palatable ports and dessert wines. Order all the rations and wine you please and delight in the immaculate solitude.

Wine and Beverages

Our wine listing changes frequently, ascertaining that each classic is of the highest standard. We look for wines that match up with our island eats. Our varieties may change; however, our aspiration and enthusiasm to offering our guests with exceptional, fascinating, delectable hidden treasures does not waver. Indeed, the wine country style of living is not far off from the life at Turtle Island. Day after day, we enjoy the best things that life can offer and hope that you can visit us soon also to enjoy our lifestyle.

Turtle Island is all about recreation, and all worries are shed off as soon as you whirl your toes into the squishy, white sand. You realize this is going to be a retreat that is well deserved.