Jacques Reymond, a renowned French-born Chef, is regarded as one of the leading fine dining Chef in Australia. He has owned several fine dining restaurants, and has achieved world-class respect and recognition for his innovative cuisine of balance and finesse. Jacques is an exceptional businessman, owning and running up to five venues over his career. 

Reaching the pinnacle of his career, after receiving his 80th Hat, and with the timely handover of his restaurant, Jacques Reymond Restaurant to his sous chefs, chef restaurateur Jacques Reymond continues to embark on culinary adventures. Jacques is kept busy with menu consultations, event and guest chef appearances, and his high profile collaboration with convenience cuisine dish’d.

Jacques is also Turtle Island's Food Director. Having worked with our head chef and kitchen staff for over 24 years, you’ll be in for a magnificent treat having Jacques share his local knowledge with you.

“The style of cooking on Turtle Island is very personal and is one that reflects the country – I regard it as Pacific-Fresh,” Reymond says. “Our produce is extremely fresh and light, and our recipes are interpreted from the local culture. While the ingredients are simple and pure, a complexity of flavours shows up on the taste buds.” Jacques creates unique dishes out of the bounty of fresh seafood and fruits and vegetables that are grown in the island’s own five-acre vegetable garden. 

Meet Jacques on Turtle Island from November 27 - December 3, 2015.   Click Here to meet the next Chef

Chef Jacques Reymond's Experience on Turtle Island:

In 1992, Jacques was contacted by Richard Evanson, the owner of Turtle Island, and asked if he would visit for a week as a guest chef. Because Jacques knew the challenges of visiting a place without knowing the kitchen, products or the staff, he suggested a one year consultancy contract. 24 years later, Jacques is still with us in the kitchen and loves every moment of his time immersed in the wonderful Fijian culture. Jacques started cooking when he was 14 years old which took him to many parts of the world including France, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, England, and Australia where he has been settled for the last 35 years. For 30 years, Jacques owned a 3 star Michelin fine dining restaurant in Australia. He recently sold his fine dining restaurant and started a French bistro and a pub. His number one passion is cooking, but coming in a close second is his motor bikes!

"Cuisine on the island is very different from back home because I want to respect the culture of the country. We have a fantastic garden where you can grow any sort of fruit and vegetable you can dream of and we have a regular supply of fresh fish and seafood; lobster, clams. We use very little meat as we want to make use of the islands local culinary environment. It's a profusion of wonderful products to work with." When asked if Jacques has a favorite or signature dish he responded with "I've always refused to have a signature anything. To me, if you keep making the same dish over and over again, you lose the excitement and passion and if you don't put this into the dish that you present to the guest it ends up being a dead dish! We change our menus all the time, we cook with what we have on a local basis."

If there is one thing Jacques has learnt from his years of working in the kitchen on Turtle Island it's simplicity. "You don't need to have 12 or 15 ingredients in a dish, just use extremely fresh product and more importantly, respect the main ingredient that you put in the dish and use herbs and spices that will enhance the flavor of the main ingredient. Turtle Island is in fact my second home and some of the staff here I've been with for over 20 years are my second family. It shows you the emotion and how close we are with the people in this part of the world. This is what makes it such a unique experience for our guests. In fact, two of the staff members that I've known for 20 years will be joining me at my home in Melbourne next year, we can't wait." 

We had the pleasure of Jacques joining us over American Thanksgiving this year preparing a decadent 6 course meal for our lovely guests.

Jacques Reymond's Thanksgiving Dinner Menu:

Coconut Crepe with Roasted Pork Belly and greens

Rock Lobster and Dumpling in a Spicy Tomato Broth 

Sticky Rice and Lacquered Spanish Mackerel with Mango and Papaya

Refreshing Rourou and Garden Vegetable Soup

Master Stock Chicken & Seared Bay Bugs with Silky Tofu

Suckling Pig on the Spit, Pickled Wombok, Mustard Juicies

Pacific Rim Martini - Fragrant Coconut, Passion Fruit, Fresh Mango, Soarsop, and Ginger Sorbet.