Your Hosts

Turtle Island is our home and an exotic South Sea paradise of magnificent forests, impossibly white beaches, and carefully tended gardens of tropical fruits and vegetables. Our family endeavors to cultivate the splendor of nature’s best. We’ve planted hundreds of thousands of trees, mostly indigenous, as well as many Honduran Mahogany trees, to supplement the island’s rich biodiversity.

Beyond the natural beauty, it is the joyful and generous hospitality of the Fijian people that touches the heart.  Our goal has been to create an intimate experience that brings out the best of the native lifestyle. The Fijians are a warm, loving, caring people – perhaps the friendliest on earth. Family, friendships, and community are greatly valued, and each person shares in the overall success and bounty.

Because a traditional Fijian village did not have many visitors, each guest was treated as a special event.  That tradition extends today, and Fijians are continuously eager to extend a warm welcome to each and every visitor, devoting their time and energy to the happiness and comfort of every guest.

On Turtle Island we host just 14 couples at any one time, and we invite you to stay for at least 6 days.  Welcoming you to our family and island paradise in this way allows us to extend you personal attention, and to offer you the very best of the natural, hospitable tendencies of the Fijian culture.

This island is very special to me, my family and the entire Fijian community of the Yasawas. I want it to be the same for you, our guests…people who truly enjoy exploring other cultures…the company of others…relaxing, escaping, and becoming good friends.”  It’s our delight to share paradise with you.  Welcome.

Vinaka (thank you),

Richard Evanson and Family
Owner and Stewards of Turtle Island