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On Turtle Island you’ll truly appreciate the camaraderie and fast friends you’ll discover among your fellow guests. Our guests travel far and wide to our precious volcanic isle dotted by vibrant coral reefs. Like the island and the Fijian natives, our guests are beautiful people who are happy in life, enjoy adventure and discovery, and live with purpose. They come to Turtle Island to celebrate their love for one another, rejuvenate, and simply be. So many of our guests have established lifelong friendships during their stay with us.  We welcome everyone as family, we tear up when you leave, and we wait by our shores for your return.

We found the perfect refuge on Turtle Island, with its glorious white beaches, its lush green hills, and its miraculously blue lagoon. We also found new friends among the Fijian people, who welcomed us with a caring and disarming hospitality. We quickly developed a deep attachment to the island and its people, and have since returned with our family many times. It is a beautiful, special place. Read more   John & Cindy McCain

My wife and I returned from Turtle Island a few days ago. We had the privilege of being married here in February. Now, to those of you reading this that are considering a romantic getaway… please allow me to paint you a picture. Private beach… not a soul anywhere around. Fresh lobster and champagne picnic. Soft sand… and the woman (or man) of your dreams laying beside you on the beach… well, I’m sure you know what happens after this. Trust me when I say that this experience was one of the highlights of our trip! Griff & Lynn

My wife and I went to Turtle Island for our honeymoon. From the moment we arrived in Nadi, we were completely taken care of. The flight to the island was a first for my wife and she loved it. Our arrival at the island set the tone for what we were about to experience. Welcome home. The staff was amazing. Our bure was gorgeous. The food was fantastic. The diving was incredible.

The massages unbeatable. We could go on an on about it, and have, and continue to do so. We’ve spoken to family and friends who are all in when we go back. They too want to experience what we did. Turtle is a magical place. And the friends we made while on the island we keep in touch with still. Chris & Lindsay

Bev and I had a truly wonderful time. Turtle was wonderful, the staff was, the scenery was incredible, and we had a great experience and honeymoon. For me, getting up in the mornings and walking out to the ocean with fresh juice, watching the fish jump, and having nothing but the silence and the sky around me were some of my favorite moments. Beverly’s favorite times were the sunsets and the private beaches. Those just couldn’t be beat. Oh! The stars were incredible! So many and so clear! We were amazed to see the dusting of the Milky Way filling up a whole part of the sky. That was truly awesome. Ben & Bev

Bula! Coming back to reality after Turtle Island was not an easy task. Jeremy and I are so blessed to have such an amazing honeymoon. What an awesome way to start off our marriage, with a trip to paradise. That is truly what Turtle Island was like… paradise! We will never forget the beauty of the island or the people we met there. We have already connected with staff and other guest and hope to keep in touch with our Turtle Island family for years to come! It was without question, the trip of a lifetime! Marlene & Jeremy

Once in a lifetime dream vacation! Perfect from beginning to end! So much more than we could have ever imagined. From the private beach picnics (a different beach everyday) wonderful staff and new found friends, our vacation was a perfect 10. Mark & Cathy

Every guest was treated special. The entire staff knows our first name and the love of the Fijian people will be in our hearts forever. When we stepped off the seaplane we were greeted with “Welcome to Paradise” by staff on the beach. There’s no other resort like Turtle Island, we feel so blessed to have had this experience. Alex & Lori

To all the Turtle family, we will keep you forever in our hearts. Thank you for sharing your smiles, laughter and sweet spirits. You have warmed and filled our hearts. God Bless. Paul & Kathy

God blessed Fiji with so many angels and God blessed us by giving us the chance to be in their presence. To all the family at Turtle Island, thank you for making our wedding so grand. James & Jennifer

There is truly no better place on earth. Jorge & Patty

A thousand thank yous for a thousand smiles. Our Turtle family experience is one that we and the children shall treasure. Your light shines brightly! The Zazo Family

Thank you for making our honeymoon truly wonderful. We enjoyed each day to the fullest! It is paradise. Your smiles, laughter and conversation will always be remebered. God bless Turtle Island and all its residents. Cindy & Dean

We have had the most wonderful holiday again on Turtle. A holiday here is balm for the soul and an opportunity to experience being part of the Fijian & Turtle Family. A moment of treasured peace in our busy troubled world. Nick & Sue

What a fantastic group of people we met, both staff and guests. That helped shape our experience into something that we will never forget. Bruce & Cecilia

It was an incredible experience we will hold in our hearts forever. A honeymoon which will last in our memories. The people at Turtle Island are wonderful. Please never change. Bill & Christine

Thank you for making our second visit even more memorable than the first. We feel like we are leaving our extended family. We will miss you all, and will be back next year. Melissa & Keith

Thank you so much for making this the best honeymoon imaginable. This is a magic place – unlike any other anywhere, and the great care the staff took of us helped to make it so. We will never ever forget our time here, and hope to return some day. Darin & Laura

Lobster, wine, music, food, skinny dipping, new friendships, personal service, kayaking, horse-riding, Fijian culture..all totoka! We want to take you all with us. Sherri & Keith

Again a wonderful stay – let me create a new phrase to go with ‘Turtle Time’ – we have been ‘Turtled’. Great time – totally relaxed – new friends – wanting to return totally Turtled. Our love to everyone. Richard & Robin

3rd trip in 3 years. We simply can’t get enough of the private beaches and the champagne! Thank you to our wonderful Bure Mama and all the wonderful staff. Vinaka & see you next year. Ken & Kay

Absolutely the best way we could have spent our honeymoon – in the most romantic and beautiful place on the planet. We will cherish every memory. Thanks to the whole Turtle family. Keegan & Camy

Thank you everybody for sharing your beautiful island with us. We will never forget the kindness of the Fijian people. Bernard & Caroline

Our second trip to Turtle Island was as great, or, if possible, better than the first! We truly believe there is no other place on earth like it, at least not that we have seen and we have been all over the world. Mike & Elaine

We love Turtle Island! Mix tears and laughter, sunshine and sand, the turtle family and new awesome friends and the perfect vacation is created! We can’t wait for our return trip!! Jay & Mary

Turtle Island was everything and more than we could have imagined. We loved our wedding and will cherish it forever. Thanks to all the staff for making our honeymoon fabulous. You will forever be in our hearts and we hope to return someday. Brandon & Shelley

We had an outstanding visit to Turtle Island. From the moment we arrived until we had to say our goodbyes, the staff was warm, caring and provided excellent service – from their hearts. The island was incredibly romantic and beautiful. We could not have selected a more perfect setting to celebrate our 35th anniversary. Gordon & Carolyn

This has been a truly magical way to start our lives as husband and wife. Thank you for making it so special. There is something very special and unique about the Fijian people. Your laugh and smile are so infectious. We could not help but be so happy when you were around. Daniel & Tracy

From the first moment, everything has been perfect. Pictures cannot do justice to our Turtle experience and words do not exist to describe it. This is truly an amazing place with amazing people. Jim & Lynn

Thank you for taking care of us. Our lives are forever changed. We will remember what is really important. A beach is a beach but a new friend is forever in our hearts. May God continue to bless the beautiful Turtle Island and her lovely spirit. Dale & Taudra

We came for our wedding and fell in love all over again. Everyone from the staff to the guests made our trip the most memorable experience we have ever had. Lisa & Otto

Our trip was all we imagined and more. We had only been there 24 hours and we were already planning our next trip to the island. It exceeded our expectations in every way. The staff were wonderful, the food and wine was all 5 star, the scuba diving was unbelievable, and the accommodations were perfect. We also met many new friends on the island and we’re already making plans to meet up again soon. Gary & Katherine

A honeymoon in heaven! We will cherish the memories forever. Thank you to all the Turtle Family. The laughter, the smiles, the adventures, the food and the amazing Fijian community will live in our hearts always. We will be back soon. Brad & Rebecca

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