Staying on Turtle Island for your trip to Fiji is already going to be a paradise, but a truly unique experience that Turtle Island provides is the hospitable family-like staff with a local "Bure Mama". Fijian for villa, a private Bure is where you will be relaxing and unwinding for your vacation with a Bure Mama to look after you make sure all your needs are met and expectations are exceeded. The meaning of bure or villa may translate roughly to "hut" but you won't be staying on Gilligan's Island.

The bures are decorated beautifully as if they were in a movie and all supplies are modern. Each guest or couple gets to enjoy their own personal Bure Mama who will dedicate herself to each couple and making sure their trip is perfect with excellent hospitality -- while respecting the privacy and isolation that guests seek on the island. Always accessible by radio contact, your Bure Mama will disappear and be invisible if you want to truly escape from being surrounded by people, and will reappear as soon as you need her. It's no wonder Bure Mamas are also called Fairy Godmothers.

The Bure Mama for each couple will make sure their bure is always in wonderful condition, answer any and all questions you may have, take your breakfast, lunch, and dinner orders, and even schedule various events for you, such as a lomi lomi massage or booking your private beach. With your consent, she will be your personal photographer, taking photos with a digital camera to compile into a "Memory Book" for you to take home. The Bure Mamas are happy and eager to make the best possible Memory Book for each couple because they become so close to each other during their stay -- it really feels like staying with the family you didn't know you had. And the bonus: having a book of memories already completed for your return trip home.

Private beaches, often raved about for being intensely romantic, surround each bure with no other people around, so you are free to explore all on your own and indulge in any island adventures you may choose. The water is crystal clear for you to see the beautiful tropical fish swimming about while you take a swim or dip your feet and the stars in the sky at night are bright and sparkling. The Fijian motto truly is no worries.

The first thing most new visitors are usually taught by their Bure Mamas is the phrase Bula Bula, which has about a hundred different meanings, each of them meaning something else unique and wonderful. From hello or welcome to it's a fantastic day to I wish you a great and joyous life, you will likely hear this phrase many times throughout your trip to Fiji and it will always be said lovingly and lavishly.

Only accommodating up to 28 guests in 14 bures on the beachfront, Turtle Island truly is a secluded resort of all inclusive tropical paradise and wonder -- and maybe a little bit of magic.