A cool breeze ruffles your hair as you sit, sip champagne and watch the light of a tropical moon play on the surface of the crystal waves as they roll lazily onto your own private, white sand beach. It carries with it, more intoxicating than the bubbly, the scent of exotic flowers, mysterious spices and the pungent undertone of a primal forest far removed from the world of modern man and all his machines.

Far off in the distance, you hear the rhythms of native music pulsing through the night. More felt than heard, the beat touches something deep inside you. You slowly lean back reach for your love and let the tropical night envelop you in its cloak of solitude.

This isn't a dream and it is not a scene from a Dime Store romance novel. This is your holiday at "Turtle Island Resort".

The Turtle Island Difference

Too often, in todays high pressure, breakneck speed world, even our vacations are nothing more than an extension of the hassles we deal with every day; budgets, timetables, hustling crowds, get there fast and then wait in line. Most of us return from holiday feeling more tired than when we left work and thinking "I need a holiday to get over my vacation".

Turtle Island offers something completely different. It gives you all of the finest amenities that the modern world can offer with none of tiresome baggage that goes with it.

You will have your own "Bure Mama" (your dedicated, personal concierge) whose sole purpose is to see that your every need is met with zero effort on your part, other than asking.

You will enjoy gourmet cuisine featuring fresh ingredients grown right there on the island and some of the finest wines from around the world. You can visit the dining room to socialize with the other guest, have a private meal in your bure (Fijian Villa) or enjoy a picnic on your private beach. The only limit is your heart's desire.

You can enjoy exhilarating activities both in the water or on the island itself, but the best part is the peace, if only for a while, of an uncluttered world. With only twenty eight guest on the five hundred acre island at any one time, you could easily spend a week without seeing another soul other than those there to serve you.

All Inclusive Means ALL INCLUSIVE

When you visit Turtle Island Resort for your Fiji vacation you can leave your wallet at home. There are no extra charges of any type. Once you reach the island you enter a world void of money. All meals, all snacks, all drinks, all activities are yours for the asking.

If you have ever wished you could escape the rat race, run away to a south sea island and live a carefree life. Then Turtle Island Resort is the place you have been dreaming of.