The brand new Airbus A330-300 touched down in Nadi to a warm Fijian welcome. Fijian Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and other Government Ministers, along with Fiji Airways staff, welcomed the aircraft to it’s new South Pacific home.

As the first official guest of the new A330-300, President Konrote received a traditional Rotuman ceremony of welcome as he stepped off the aircraft.

Fiji Airways has traditionally named their aircraft after islands within Fiji, and this new aircraft is no exception. The A330-300 has been christened “Island of Rotuma” after the northern most island in the nation of Fiji. Although the island of Rotuma has been a part of Fiji since 1881, Rotuman culture more closely resembles that of the Polynesian islands to the east. Because of their Polynesian appearance and distinctive language, Rotumans now constitute a recognizable minority group within the Republic of Fiji.

President Konrote said of the naming: “Like many other Fijians, Fijians of Rotuman descent throughout the generations have contributed and continue to contribute proudly to our beloved nation.

“They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, sports stars, engineers and a part of every facet of our Fijian society".

“By christening this Airbus after their island, we are honouring their contribution to our country. we are showing our commitment to the development of the island, just as we are doing to every part of our beloved country Fiji.

“I am sure that all Fijians of Rotuman descent will join the rest of the country in sharing their pride every time they see this aircraft.”

The Airbus A330 is a state of the art widebody aircraft. With the first deliveries of the A330-300 starting in May of 2015, the aircraft has the most modern features and design available on the market. A longer bodied version of the A330-200, the A330-300 offers more seating, larger payload capacities, and an extended range.

Speaking of the new aircraft, President Konrote said: “This aircraft is more than just another addition to the fleet of our national airline. It is a symbol of a modern, progressive nation, which remains proud of its roots, culture and identity, while moving with the times to embrace the opportunities of the future… This aircraft will bring real economic opportunities for our people, because almost sixty-five percent of all visitors who travel to Fiji travel on Fiji Airways. And the more seats we have, and the better our service and overall flight experience, the more we will be able to attract more travelers. We are competing in the premier division of air travel, and we want to win.”

If you are looking to vacation in the island nation of Fiji, Why wait until you arrive to begin enjoying the world famous Fijian hospitality? As President Konrote said, “The overall tourist experience we offer must begin the moment a person checks in at a Fiji Airways counter and intensify as he or she steps aboard a Fiji Airways airliner, and that experience must be characterized by comfort, modernity, hospitality, and complete peace of mind… So our national airline isn’t just a vehicle that gets them to that experience; it is an integral part of it.”

If you are planning the ultimate luxury Fijian experience at Turtle Island, then what better way to start your vacation then in Fiji Airways new “Island of Rotuma” aircraft.