Dining on Turtle Island

Every night there is a dinner party held at several different locations around the island. Whether it’s dining in the garden, the top of Mount Ford, or at one end of the beach or the other, a sumptuous cuisine and an unlimited supply of fine wines and cocktails are served under the stars and lantern light. In addition to this, there is the prospect of guests enjoying remote private dining for two in romantic and intimate settings. The meals are exquisite and our remote dining sites are always unique… complimented by the warmth and charm of our gracious island staff. After dinner, enjoy the talented, entertaining Fijians as they perform their favorite songs and dances.

Turtle Island has earned recognition for the best food in Fiji by Travel & Leisure readers, and has been the only property in Fiji to make the ‘World’s Best Service’ list.

Renowned French-born chef Jacques Reymond — regarded as the leading fine dining chef in Australia — is Turtle Island’s food advisor. Turtle Island’s chefs, skilled in island living and cooking, create one-of-a-kind dishes out of the bounty of fresh seafood and fruits and vegetables that are grown in the island’s own five-acre vegetable garden.

Turtle Island cuisine incorporates influences from Contemporary Pacific cuisine, which are adapted to take advantage of the island’s fresh ingredients. “The style of cooking on Turtle Island is very personal and is one that reflects the country – I regard it as Pacific-Fresh,” Reymond says. “Our produce is extremely fresh and light, and our recipes are interpreted from the local culture. While the ingredients are simple and pure, a complexity of flavours shows up on the taste buds.” Turtle Island’s Pacific Rim inspired meals are prepared by six Fijian chefs in the island’s state-of-the-art kitchen keeping focus on freshness and quality. For guests with special dietary requirements, our chefs will adapt to accommodate their needs.

From Sea to Table

In addition to just-picked produce, Reymond’s menus also include diverse fish and seafood, such as Pacific green lobster, snapper, yellow fin tuna, wahoo and prawns — just caught by local fishermen in the surrounding waters and purchased that day by the chef from the nearby village’s fishing boats.

From Farm to Table 

Started in 1993, our vegetable garden is another feature that further distinguishes Turtle Island. Now five acres, the garden produces a bounty of home-grown produce — including numerous types of vegetables, many herbs, and an enticing selection of tropical fruits such as passion fruit, papayas, mangos, star fruit, guavas, soursops, and malay and custard apples. The outcome for guests is the freshest ingredients or, as Reymond says, “food that’s picked just ten minutes before it’s served.”