Our Gardens

Turtle Island has one of the South Pacific’s most diverse gardens. Gardening has a beloved history in the Evanson family, and love of the soil has been passed from generation to generation.  We like to think of this family garden as our Garden of Eden in our slice of paradise.

With over 5 acres and expanding, the gardens, tended by three full-time staff, provide the island chefs with fresh fruits and vegetables, and herbs and spices daily.

These gardens provide a bounty of amazing crops – including sweet corn, asparagus, peppers, beans, pumpkins, melons, spinach, lettuce galore – grown specially in our hydroponic garden, tomatoes, every herb imaginable and much more. We have a highly productive, year round vegetable garden, including 152 raised concrete block beds which are 15 feet long by 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep.

When you visit, join us in the garden and take in its beauty and abundance.