Couples Retreat

A visit to Turtle Island is life changing at any time of the year, but in January and February 2017 we will be offering a lifestyle-changing experience as well. We invite you to join us on Turtle Island between January 22 – February 6, 2017 for our first-ever Couples Retreat — A time dedicated to re-discovering and re-igniting your passion for life and for each other.

The Island has invited a certified Professional Life Coach, an award-winning guest chef from Los Angeles and a Palo Alto-based personal trainer to visit in the New Year. Life Coach Deb Kolb will offer personalized coaching and exploration of specific areas of interest or concern, allowing you to gain new perspectives and actions to move yourself towards having more of what you deeply desire. Deb is also providing couples massage training, which has proved very popular with guests in the past. Chef Ari Taymor will offer an array of delicious island-inspired small-plate dishes, while trainer Nick Weiss has specially designed a fitness routine that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the island while you workout.

Each Couples Retreat is individually created, through discussion with you as to what you would like to get out of your time together on Turtle Island. Whatever your motivation, you are bound to leave Turtle Island feeling refreshed, recharged, reconnected and with a newfound determination to maintain your healthy lifestyle goals and deeper connection with your partner when you return home.

Meet life coach Deb colb (Jan 22 - Feb 03, 2017)

Deb Kolb is a certified Professional Life Coach. She has also worked for some time with our Vonu spa staff, training them in providing the most luxurious massages to Turtle Island guests. During her last visit, Deb also did some couples massage training, which was a huge hit with guests. Over the years, Deb says that she has observed that above a certain age, many people stop learning and growing. They lose their sense of curiosity and child-like wonder and with that, their sense of aliveness and vitality.

A relationship in which either one or both partners has stopped learning and growing becomes stagnant and less vital. Deb says that she has a saying, “Let Turtle Island Work Its Magic”. She says that it has been amazing to watch couples as they arrive on the Island and then observe them as the days on Turtle unfold. This happens for everyone and in such a unique way. Knowing this, Deb says she is really excited about being part of Turtle Island’s first Couples Retreat.

Deb will offer couples time each day allocated to discussions and conversations about topics relevant to successful, passionate long-term relationships. Also on offer is couples massage training. With the guidance of Deb, you will learn how to massage your partner in a way that feels good, to both of you. Each partner will give, as well as receive, a full massage. Deb believes that sensual, loving touch on a regular basis is an important part of a vibrant and healthy relationship. Join her between January 22 and February 3, 2017 and “Let Turtle Island Work Its Magic”.

Meet Chef ari taymor (Jan 22 - 29, 2017)

Ari Taymor grew up in Palo Alto, California. In 2012, he opened his restaurant, Alma, in Downtown Los Angeles; it immediately made waves throughout the national food scene. Ari took an ambitious pop-up with “four burners and a broken oven door”, and turned it into one of the country’s most exciting new restaurants — and a national dining destination.

The menu at Alma was inspired by the landscape and terrain of Southern California. The ingredients were sourced from local farmers and from Alma’s own garden in Venice, California. Ari changed and adapted the dishes at Alma frequently to reflect seasonality and availability of the highest quality produce and game that California has to offer. “Every dish I serve is based upon a specific memory I want to share,” says Ari. “If you don’t incorporate your personality then you won’t stand out.”

Ari has won numerous accolades including Bon Appetit’s Best New restaurant in the country, 2013; LA Times, LA magazine and LA Weekly Best New restaurant; one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs, 2014; three times James Beard rising Star Chef finalist and semifinalist. We look forward to seeing Ari’s next hush-hush venture and his food philosophy, creativity and devotion to premium quality produce come alive in the kitchen on Turtle Island. 

your trainer nick Weiss (Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2017)

Nick Weiss

Coaching both in California and the U.K., Nick has gained invaluable experience that has shaped his unique, move-like-an-athlete approach to training. After graduating with a B.A. in Kinesiology from Occidental College, he went to work for Agile Physical Therapy in Palo Alto, California. Under the tutelage of talented DPT’s, Nick was exposed to a variety of approaches physical therapists take to rehabilitate a wide variety of injuries. With over four years of experience in rehabilitation, Nick gained an area of expertise that became the foundation for his rapid success as a personal trainer and movement coach. Nick moved to London when he was offered a position to help open the first International Equinox Fitness Club. Living in London and working with trainers, doctors and therapists, Nick gained an international perspective on fitness from talented experts in his field.

Outside of coaching, Nick has competed athletically throughout his life. Playing football, baseball, soccer, and running track in high school he began to realize his passion for movement and competition. When he was playing NCAA football he started to really focus on the education, and the scientific portion of fitness. Besides sports and fitness, Nick enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, learning, teaching, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Having spent significant time in both a rehab and strength training setting, Nick has developed his own thought process behind training. Whether he is working with high school athletes, NCAA athletes, professionals or sedentary individuals on vacation, he believes everyone should have the ability to move freely without pain. The root of any good "mover" lies in the true mobility of their joints (specifically pelvis and spine) while dealing with the outside forces of their environment. Constantly searching for ways to improve quality movement while learning and having fun, Nick is committed to continuing his education and spreading his “move-like an athlete” approach wherever he can.

What's included

  • Return seaplane transfers to Turtle Island;
  • 7 nights in a Grand Beachfront Bure (Villa) on Turtle Island;
  • Nightly pre-dinner drinks with canapés;
  • Daily buffet breakfast and 3-course South-Pacific inspired lunch and dinner with wine pairings to complement the meals;
  • Depending on dates selected, cooking demonstrations and interaction with guest chef and/or sessions with personal trainer and “see-the-island" fitness programme;
  • All beverages, including cocktails, top shelf liquor, wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks;
  • Personal butler service (“Bure Mama”) to take care of all your needs – and ensure that your beachfront villa is always stocked with beverages of your choice and platters of tropical fruit;
  • All activities and cultural experiences, including village visits, sunset cruises, mountain top dinners, water sports, diving, fishing and horse riding;
  • Complimentary laundry service;
  • 2 x 30 minute massages at Vonu Spa