Our family grew up around horses, and so many of our fondest memories include cantering on the beach in the Pacific Northwest, herding steer on cattle drives, and spontaneously riding bareback through pine forests. We love to recount those stories, and we’re reminded of our treasured times together.  For us, horseback riding on Turtle Island is a nod to all those wonderful memories that have become the fabric of our family.

When you explore our beautiful island by horseback, you will see things that few people in the entire world have ever seen. Through the trails and along the beach, our horseback rides add another layer of discovery to your personal adventure. Regardless of your level of expertise, we’ll pair you with a horse just right for your needs, and our broad selection of saddles ensures a comfortable ride.

Typically, our rides begin in the dark, just prior to sunrise.  Our horseman will show you the way to Long Beach to begin your Fiji beach horseback riding adventure with a selection of fresh pastries and fruits. As a couple, you will be left to watch the sunrise while sipping champagne. Later, our horseman will return to show you more of the island. As we tailor all of our activities to suit you, sunrise horse riding is reserved exclusively for you and your partner on any day you choose.

Please note, we do require a signed waiver prior to your excursion.