The more than 300 islands that make up the island nation of Fiji come in all sizes and shapes, meaning that it should come as no surprise to learn that each has a special charm about it that will appeal more to some vacationers than others. For example, Turtle Island is perfect for vacationers who want a private experience while ensconced in some of the most scenic landscape that can be found in the world.

Our accommodations on Turtle Island have been set up with said individuals in mind. Numbering 14 in total, our bures combine traditional Fijian craftsmanship with luxurious amenities that range from hot tubs to queen-sized beds out on the verandas. Better still, each bure is situated at a significant distance from the next, thus transforming it and its surroundings into a secluded oasis from the outside world. However, one bure stands above all the rest in the figurative as well as the literal sense of these words.

Why Vonu Point Offers the Most Exclusive Experience in Fiji

Turtle Island's Director of Sales & Marketing, Matt Buchan said: Like its name suggests, Vonu Point is situated on elevated ground, which provides a spectacular view of the Blue Lagoon as well as the rest of the surrounding landscape. In fact, those who choose the Vonu Point for their Fijian vacation can even look out upon the Yasawa Islands, whose green expanses make beautiful contrasts with the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, its location is not Vonu Point's sole appeal. Situated up on elevated ground, it is even more secluded than the rest of the bures that can be found on Turtle Island but not so much so that it makes accessing the rest of the island's amenities and attractions a challenge. As a result, it combines the best of two worlds, providing its occupants with plentiful opportunities for socializing with other vacationers while setting up the conditions for them to make some unforgettable memories all on their own.

After all, Vonu Point comes with the same conveniences as the other bures that can be found on Turtle Island. Whether its occupants are interested in some rest and relaxation out in the Fijian sun or something much more fun and exciting with their significant others, its luxurious amenities can not just support it but also facilitate it. All while situated in the perfect location for romance, which resembles nothing less than a little piece of Heaven touching upon the Earth.

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