Fiji is a magical place like no other. It is no wonder so many people dream of a romantic honeymoon, summer vacation, or quick escape to the Islands of Fiji. With resorts like Turtle Island that truly are an all-inclusive luxury paradise on earth, we understand why so many people flock to Fiji just as they have been doing for over 3,000 years.   Whether you have made the trip across the Pacific to Fiji before, or are planning your first visit, here are 7 joys of traveling to Fiji:


Most of today’s urban centers are a collection of steel and concrete. When you do find nature, it is usually behind a fence, or blocked with a sign: “Stay off the Grass”, Don’t Climb the Trees”. We weren’t meant to live like that. We need nature around us. Fiji’s 330 islands and over 500 islands are sparsely inhabited (only about 100 of the islands have year round inhabitants) . The Yasawa Island Chain in North West Fiji was closed to land based tourism until the 1980’s. As a result, Fiji is still as much of a natural paradise today as it was when man first arrived here thousands of years ago.

The Weather

Fiji has an average temperature of 76.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The average high temperature is 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is 72.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Being in the South Pacific, Fiji’s summer is in December through March with an average high temperature of around 86 degrees and average lows around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fiji’s winter, between June and August see temperatures drop to an average high of around 81 degrees and an average low of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter what time you go to Fiji, the weather is always perfect.

The People

It is true that long ago, the people of Fiji were known for cannibalism. But that ended with the rise of Christianity as the dominant religion on the islands in the mid 1800’s. These days, the Fijian people are known as some of the most hospitable people on earth. Many resorts in Fiji invite guests to take part in Fijian cultural events like Kava ceremony’s, and many villages put on fire dancing or fire walking shows for courteous visitors.

Island Life

Salt air, sand between your toes, and fruity cocktails.: Island life is about relaxation. Weather spending the afternoon swimming in the water, sun tanning on the beach, or finding a cool breeze in a shaded hammock, nothing takes you away from the stress of your regular life like spending some time on an island. Someone once said “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul”. No place does that become more apparent then when lying on the beach of a tranquil Fijian island.

The Seclusion

Let’s face it, sometimes we need to just get away.  And not just “lock yourself in the bathroom and take a bubble bath” away. No, we need “half way around the world” away. Well half way around the world is Fiji. Nestled in the middle of the South Pacific, Fiji is about as far “away” as you can get while still being on this planet.

The Water

Scientists claim all life began in the oceans. Most religions speak of the purifying, and cleanse powers of water. Hippocrates first used the word “thalassotherapy” to describe the healing effects of seawater. Seawater contains mineral salts, vital elements, and amino acids that are easily absorbed by your body while swimming. These help support your immune system, cleans toxins from your skin and increases blood circulation. A vacation to Fiji is good for your body as well as your soul.

The History

The majority of the Fiji Islands were formed by volcanic activity 150 million years ago. They remained an uninhabited island oasis until first settled about 3,500 years ago by Melanesians and Polynesians. Their decedents lived relatively undisturbed for thousands of years until the first European explorers found Fiji in the mid 1600’s. Captain James Cook explored the area in 1774, and Captain William Bligh sailed through Fiji after the mutiny on the Bounty in 1789.

By the mid 1800’s, Europeans’ began to settle in Fiji. Fiji was ceded to Great Britain in 1874, and regained it’s independence in 1970. This rich history of Fiji leaves something to fascinate everyone, and there is much joy to be had from learning the history of the area of Fiji you are staying in.

Turtle Island and the Joys of Traveling to Fiji

So escape from the stress of the modern world and relax on a private beach in the natural wonderland of Fiji. See how your ancestors enjoyed the world, and become one with Nature. Call Turtle Island now and we will help you plan your trip.