If you are in search of an inclusive luxury holiday at a remote location known for its exclusivity then you want to book a trip to Turtle Island in Fiji. The 500 acre island is home to only the Turtle Island resort and only 14 couples (28 guests) are ever on the island at one time. That means that each guest is pampered to their heart's delight as they bask in the sun and enjoy the privacy, serenity, and luxury that is carefully cultivated on the island. Here are just a few more reasons why Turtle Island is the only place to head for a luxury Fiji vacation.


As briefly mentioned above, Turtle Island is highly exclusive due to the fact that it is situated within the Yasawa Island Chain and is the only resort on the island. However, there is a lot more that goes into making this a private location outside of this fact. There are only 14 Fijian villas on the island, and each is separated by large expanses and features their own private beaches. Therefore, you not only are treated to your own villa, but your own beach and piece of forest. Not another human is within sight.

Water Sports

Just because your villa is secluded however does not mean you have to be at all times, unless you want too! There are plenty of activities waiting for you on Turtle Island. Due to the presence of the beach water sports are a huge hit among guests. Guests enjoy wind surfing in the Blue Lagoon which is filled with tropical sea life as well as paddle boarding, sea kayaking, scuba diving, and taking a cruise on a glass bottom boat that allows you to see all of the tropical sea life without getting one hair on your body wet!

Once in a Lifetime Adventures

No doubt you have hiked before, but nothing will compare to a hike on the tropical Turtle Island. There are 500 acres to explore on the island and there are plenty of canopied jungle trails to take you through a large portion of the island. Additionally, Turtle Island features many breathtaking gardens where you can spend hours breathing in the scent of flowers and letting the beauty calm you. Many guests also enjoy biking across trails or exploring the grassland on horseback.


Need a chance to relax and recharge with your spouse or lover? While your secluded beach and the azure blue waters offer plenty of opportunities, so does the exquisite spa located on the island. The Vonu Spa gives you the chance to experience a traditional Fiji massage amidst scents of lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender. All treatments are made from natural ingredients found within Fiji and treat the body, soul, and mind.

Rekindle Romance

Fiji Airways has named the 14 beaches on Turtle Islands the most romantic beaches in Fiji, and with good reason. Everything at the resort caters to couples and helping romance to blossom. The ambience of the island alone is enough to inspire romance, but add in intimate moonlit dinners, picnics for two, beachfront villas, sensual massages, and more and you get the secret for love. Turtle Island is truly a luxury Fiji vacation you will never forget.