Everyone loves a great vacation or getaway, and when you have the opportunity to have one you do not want to feel like you need to worry or stress about anything while you are there. There is absolutely no better vacation that you can enjoy other than one on an island; that is except here on Turtle Island! When you come to Turtle Island you are sure to feel at peace and filled with serenity. You will also enjoy the wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and you will feel connected with the environment and most importantly yourself.

When you visit Turtle Island you will clearly see that this is paradise and you will know the great feel of being in paradise. Turtle Island is an outstanding beach resort that many have enjoyed for years and many more will continue to enjoy in the many years to come. When you get here you will enjoy the glorious wind that you will feel blowing through your hair and the beautiful waves that you will feel washing upon your feet. But that is not all you will enjoy while you are visiting this amazing island. There is so much that you can do to have a great time; it is all things that you won't forget, but it first starts with where you will stay!

Turtle Island is not the best resort and island that you will find in Fiji for nothing! It all starts with were you will stay… we have some very amazing places for you to stay and you can not find a place here that you won't absolutely love. When you come to Turtle Island you will have the opportunity to stay at one of these great places:

  • Grand Bures: Private, eco-friendly, spacious and very authentic villas. These are simply romantic, relaxing and traditionally Fiji!
  • Vonu Pointe: Beach front villas that bring in relaxation and tranquil moments. These are the most popular villas on Turtle Island, but don't worry… the nearest neighboring visitor is 500 yards away from you.
  • Bure Mamas: This is a villa that has a "Bure Mama" that will look after you while you are staying here. They are responsible for you housekeeping, laundry services and other many services to help your stay on Turtle Island easier.

While many come to Turtle Island for a relaxing vacation, there are other reasons you may choose to visit. Although they are all relaxing, and whatever reason you come to visit it's a guaranteed certain that you will enjoy your time here. Some of the other reasons that may bring you to Turtle Island are: having your wedding ceremony here. We have had many wedding ceremonies here where you can put on traditional Fijian garb and have the beautiful natural scenery behind you as you express your love to that special someone. You can also experience your honeymoon or vow renewals here as well.

Some of the very best activities can be enjoyed while you're here. You can have a nice picnic, enjoy fine dining, and amazing beverages. You will also be able to enjoy physical activities such as:

  • Paddle boarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Horseback riding
  • Island tours and so much more

After a great time having fun, there's no better way to relax than having a nice spa day. We have the right place for you here; Vonu Spa! Hands down this is the best spa that you could ever experience… and here's exactly why! With various amounts of body massages, body treatments, facial treatments and feet & hand treatments you will feel like royalty when you are finished with a wonderful visit at Vonu Spa.

A visit here for any amount of time will let you see why Turtle Island and Vonu Spa are the best in their leagues. You will feel like a new person once you have your visit here! Whatever the reason for your visit: vacation, your wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal, make your way here now… you won't regret it!