Love is an amazing thing. There are millions of people on this planet, yet some how, we manage to find that special one.

Think back to when you first met your wife. Was it love at first site? Did you know in that moment that you would send your life with her? Or did it build to that? 

The first time you spoke to her, were there butterflies in your stomach? When you first asked her out on a date, were you nervous she might say no? 

Remember those early dates? Those moments of young love, when you had to make everything perfect for her. You were always worried that you might say or do the wrong thing. That she might decide you were not the one. Will she like my friends? Will she like my family? Please don’t let me screw this up.

And then when you decided to propose… How well did you plan that out? Did you do it in private, did you make it a spectacle? What if she said no? But she didn’t. She said yes. She became your wife, and you her husband. The two became one, and your lives were forever changed. The wedding was beautiful, the honeymoon was a dream. 

And then life happened. Work, kids, everything fell into routine. The years have gone by, and you still have date nights, you still make time for romance, but it isn’t like it was back then.

Of course, you still love her, but does she know that? You tell her, but does she really know? Maybe it is time to remind her. To let you know she is still the woman of your dreams. To retell her that you want her and only her, forever. Maybe it is time to renew your vows.

This time make it different. You don’t need the receptions the family get togethers. You don’t need the grooms, and the maids of honor. You just need her… and the honeymoon. Take a trip to a south pacific paradise, and renew your vows on the beach of a private Fijian island paradise. No stress, no schedules. Just you, her and the magic of an all-inclusive getaway in the most romantic spot on earth.

Turtle Island Resort in Fiji specializes in weddings and vow renewals. We can create a ceremony tailored just for you. From elaborate to simple. A sunrise ceremony on the beach might be just the thing you are looking for, or maybe a hilltop ceremony overlooking all the neighboring islands. The love of your life can walk to the ceremony arm in arm with you, or arrive by water on a traditional Fijian billi billi (thatched wedding raft). After the ceremony, you can retreat to your bure (Fijian for villa) and start the honeymoon right away, or you can have a banquet with the staff and other guests. You can even rent the entire island, and bring your friends along for the ultimate private ceremony of eternal love.

Romance is kind of our specialty here at Turtle Island, and we love to make your dreams a reality. If you are thinking it may be time to renew your vows in Fiji, call us up, and we will help you make everything perfect.