We have all heard the complaints: “Kids today are stuck to their phones” “All they do is sit in front of the TV and play video games” When I was a kid I used to go outside to play”

Are you worried that your children are not getting enough “outside” play time? Maybe their schedule is nothing but school, homework, and TV. Maybe there aren’t enough safe parks and open spaces where you live. Maybe you think they aren’t learning the proper appreciation for the natural environment. 

Maybe a family vacation is in order. But sometimes, even a trip to a new location doesn’t do the trick. Have you ever taken your children on a vacation and been disappointed that they seem to spend most of their time on a tablet socializing with their friends back home instead of absorbing the culture, and different environment of the place you traveled to on vacation?

At Turtle Island we understand the importance of teaching the younger generation to bask in the beauty of nature. We also understand the many benefits that children receive from experiencing other countries, and other cultures. Traveling to other countries truly does teach children compassion, an appreciation of other cultures, and gives them a sense of wonder, and a new perspective. (Check out this great article from the Huffington Post about why to take your kids to other countries for vacation). Although our island is usually a luxurious escape reserved for couples only, we do bend the rules a few times a year making Turtle Island a kid freindly family resort with what we call family time.

In Fiji, it is believed that family and friends are the most important things in life. We honor this cultural tradition with our sense of community that we call the Turtle Family. When visiting Turtle Island during Family Time, we provide every child 5 and under with a Nanny. For children 6 and up, they will have their own constant companion with a staff member we call their “Bula Buddy.”

Your child’s “Bula Buddy” will have plenty of activities to help your child grow and learn. These activities range from water activities like fishing, swimming, and kayaking to land based activities like sporting events, crafts and games that help your child grow in greater appreciation of the natural world we live in, and give them a real life experiences that you can’t get in a video game.

Meanwhile, you and your spouse can enjoy each others company in a relaxing, romantic south pacific setting while knowing that your children are safe and secure under the watchful supervision of Turtle Islands dedicated care givers.

If you have been to Turtle Island before, and always wanted to share in its magic with your children, or if you have always wanted to come to Turtle Island, but thought it was just for couples, Look into our Turtle Islands Family Time, and talk with one of our Client Managers. We will be more then happy to help you plan the ultimate family vacation to paradise.