Does your idea of a tropical vacation include an exclusive island with a pristine beach, blue waters, picturesque scenery and breathtaking flora, and fauna? Well, Turtle Island Resort can be just the paradise you are looking for. This resort is located on a private island in the Blue Lagoon and accommodates 14 couples at a time. The small number of occupants gives each couple a chance to have a private moment and enjoy their vacation immensely. The island also has a total of fourteen beaches and you are free to reserve one for yourself any day for a special private moment with your lover. The resort also offers personalized services to every couple and makes them feel at home. When you come here, you are sure to enjoy staying in the luxurious bures, talking to the friendly staffs and savoring the delicious local cuisine. 

This island has been the filming location for two different film versions of the Blue Lagoon in 1949 and 1980 respectively. The 1980 version of the film was directed by Randal Kleiser, written by Douglas Day Stewart and the stirring cast consisted of Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields. It is a romantic story that tells the tale of two young children who were trapped in a tropical island paradise following a ship wreck in which they were two of the three survivors. They learn to survive in the jungle, and when their third companion who was older than them, dies, they are left to discover life on their own. Later, they mature, fall in love and have a son. In between, they face many challenging and conflicting moments as they struggle to get used to the loneliness and find a way out of the abandoned island. If you loved watching this emotional movie, you would definitely love visiting this place with your significant other to walk on the beaches where scenes were shot and take in the lovely scenery depicted in the movie. 

Once you step on this island, you will bask in the knowledge that you are on one of the most romantic places in the world. The Blue Lagoon movie captured the beauty of the Turtle Island and led to the birth of a romantic resort. It also led to the discovery of a unique creature known as iguanas which scientists had no records of its existence until then. Indeed, the film brought many good tidings to the island and even encouraged other filmmakers to consider it as a possible location for shooting other films such as Cast Away. 

Everything about this island, from the lush trees, blue waters, sandy beaches and enchanting sunset, is magical and beautiful; the perfect ingredients for a romantic getaway. What better place to propose to your lover wed or go for honeymoon? The resort offers different wedding packages to lovers who decide to tie the knot here and make wonderful memories of their honeymoon. 

Besides catching the breeze and basking on the beach, there are many activities that you can engage yourselves in at Turtle Island Resort. If you are a free spirited adventure lover, you can choose to do sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, excursion, sailing, swimming and sea fishing. You may also engage in land activities like hiking, walking, bicycling, picnicking and horse riding. You may also want to visit the neighboring community and see other unique attractions in the area. 

Ideally, there is no limit to the things you can do for fun at the blue lagoon.