Fiji combines a beautiful landscape with a comfortable climate as well as a hospitable people, making it no coincidence that it has become one of the most popular choices for tourists. However, the sheer number of tourists means enormous crowds on the most popular Fijian islands, which can be a huge problem if you are planning to spend some private time with your significant other.

Fortunately, Fiji encompasses hundreds and hundreds of islands, meaning that it boasts a wide range of accommodations for a wide range of tourists. For example, if you are interested in privacy while still retaining access to all of the natural attractions that draw tourists to the Fijian islands, you should consider the Yasawa Islands, which still remained relatively untouched by human hands. In particular, you should consider Turtle Island, which can be considered a crown jewel of the Yasawa Islands.

What Can You Expect on Turtle Island?

Measuring 500 acres, Turtle Island is home to Turtle Island Resort, which is the sole human presence that can be found on the private island. In total, the resort boasts 14 bures, which are traditional Fijian residences that have been stocked with all the comforts of civilization. For example, you can expect everything from a bar and fresh fruits to a docking station for your digital devices. Not to mention king-sized beds, luxurious baths, and strategically-situated verandas with spectacular views of the surroundings.

Furthermore, Turtle Island Resort has made excellent use of its space to ensure that each bure is situated at a significant distance from the rest while still remaining in close proximity to private beaches as well as other natural attractions that are characteristic of the area. This way, you can enjoy your vacation as you like it without interference from other people, thus combining privacy with superb convenience in a single, all-inclusive package.

Better still, each bure is as unique as its surroundings, meaning that there is something waiting to be discovered with each separate experience. For example, if you choose to stay at Vonu Point, you can look out upon the Blue Lagoon and even other Yasawa Islands off in the distance while resting and relaxing in perfect seclusion. Something that is as romantic as it is restful and relaxing.

Summed up, if you want your own private paradise in Fiji, Turtle Island Resort out in the Yasawa Islands is where you can find it. Peaceful and secluded but nonetheless warm and welcoming, it strikes the perfect balance between competing factors for the ultimate Fijian experience, making it something that those interested in some private fun should not miss out on.

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If you are interested in learning more about each of Turtle Island Resort's 14 bures, please contact us at your earliest convenience. All of them have something that lets them shine, meaning that a careful choice can make an already amazing vacation that much better.