There are few places in the world that have the romantic allure of the beautiful South Pacific Paradise of Fiji.

We all know romance can be difficult in this day and age. You spend so much time dealing with work, the kids and all the other obligations, that all to often, romantic time with the one you love gets put off until later. If you are looking to reinvigorate the passion in your romance, that a romantic Valentine's day at Turtle Island is just what you need.

Valentine’s Day is here to remind us that that special relationship needs some time as well. Imagine falling asleep in the jet plane as your problems fade away behind you. You awake as your plane touches down in Fiji. The plane door opens and the warm ocean air envelops you like warm hug. (Being in the Southern hemisphere, February is summer in Fiji). A quick shuttle ride over to your transfer, and your seaplane will take you out to the Yasawa Islands on a romantic, low flying, scenic flight. You see the coral reefs just below the water, as you skirt the islands. You land on the beautiful lagoon waters as you arrive at Turtle Island.

Turtle Island is a private 500-acre island with 14 bures, and only 14 couples at a time. You can be assured you will have a private, romantic time on Turtle Island. There are 14 pristine beaches (named “most romantic beaches in Fiji”) that you can relax on or explore and loads of activities that you and your true love can enjoy together.

Many different types of watercraft are available for your use, kayaks, sailboats, glass bottom boats, paddleboards and more, or you can check out what’s under the waves with a snorkeling or diving adventure. There is lots to do on the island as well. With horseback riding, hiking, and island tours you will always have an exciting adventure awaiting.

Of course a romantic vacation needs to have the most luxurious accommodations, and Turtle Islands 14 bures are just that. With authentic style, and all the modern amenities, you might not want to leave!

Turtle Island was twice chosen by Hollywood to be the setting of the romantic coming of age film “The Blue Lagoon”. Now you and your better half can enjoy the same romance lying out on the pristine beaches together, letting the waves lap at your feet while you bask in each others company (and the warm rays of the south pacific sun).

Enjoy a sunset cruise to see a magically romantic Fiji sunset from the best vantage point ever, in the water! The return to the island to enjoy a private dinner in one of our scenic backdrops, or join one of our dinner parties!

You and your loved one deserve some special time together, and what better place to be at for that time then on the south Pacific’s most romantic island! Come to Turtle Island this Valentine’s day or anytime you want the ultimate romantic vacation. On Turtle Island, you are sure to rediscover the true beauty of nature, and of your relationship.

So this Valentine’s day (or any other day) come to Turtle Island Resort in Fiji and reinvigorate your passion in one of the most romantic places on earth! It is sure to be a vacation neither of you will ever forget!