Your honeymoon will be the start of your new life with your significant other, meaning that the two of you should exercise all possible effort to make sure that it is as it should be. Part of this means choosing the right destination, which can make the difference between total disaster and the experience of a lifetime. Although you have a countless number of choices, Fiji is where to honeymoon, particularly if you are interested in a place with some privacy.

5 Reasons That You Should Honeymoon in Fiji

Consider these 5 reasons that Fiji is where to honeymoon:

  • Fiji boasts a tropical climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. Better still, it sees less variation over the course of the seasons than most of the rest of the world, though its rainy season does mean more precipitation from November to April. As a result, a Fijian honeymoon is perfect for couples from colder and less hospitable climes.
  • Sitting out on the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a place where forested mountains flow seamlessly into white sand beaches. In other words, its beauty stirs the soul and inflames the senses, making its storied landscape a perfect choice for those seeking some romance with which to inaugurate their lives together.
  • The varied nature of the Fijian landscape means a varied selection of activities for those who choose to vacation in Fiji. For example, if you visit us on Turtle Island, you can rest and relax out on your own private beach or head inland for an educational hike culminating in a spectacular view. Other popular activities for vacationers in Fiji range from boating and fishing to snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Fijians tend to be a warm and welcoming people, which should come as welcome news to anyone who has ever run into difficulties while traveling in a foreign country. Since you want your honeymoon to proceed as smoothly as possible, you can count on being treated right by heading to a Fijian destination.
  • Given Fiji's popularity, it should come as no surprise to learn that its main islands see significant traffic from interested vacationers. However, Fiji is made up of more than 300 habitable islands, with a large number of them having remained next to untouched. As a result, if you want a tropical vacation with peace and privacy, you can find it by heading to one of the less developed Fijian island chains such as the Yasawas.

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