If you are looking for the ideal South Pacific wedding venue, you should choose the Turtle Island Beach Resort in Fiji as your ideal destination. The Island is unique as it only has 14 villas. The island chooses to only accommodate 28 guests at a time making it ideal especially if you want to have a small private wedding. The 500-acre island is very private, and you will not have to worry about any disturbances during the entire time you are there.

You can rent out the entire Turtle Island for you and your wedding guests. If you are looking to have your wedding in a tropical atmosphere, the Turtle Island is perfect for you. You can have your dream sunset wedding on the Blue Lagoon Shores. No other place will be able to give you this memorable experience for your big day.

You will also be able to have clergymen for your wedding who will come from the neighboring islands to officiate your wedding. There is also the Islands staff choir that will sing for you as well.You can decide to get married in the clothes you bring and you can also have traditional Fijian wedding clothes made for you on the island by the Turtle Island staff. The clothes will be made from tree bark, and you will have hand painted traditional symbols on it. Your guests will not be left out. They will be given garlands of flowers with their fresh fragrance to wear on their necks. You will also have the same made for you.

You will not need to think about wedding arrangements as everything will be catered for once you decide to have your wedding on the island. Everyone will participate in a Kava ceremony in honor of you and your spouse. As for the wedding feast, you will be treated to local delicacies consisting of roasted pork, seafood and other treats.

You don't need to worry about whether you will have your wedding cake. The Turtle Island staff will bake and decorate your cake according to your specifications to ensure you have your cake on your big day. The Island staff makes all the arrangements and will make sure your wedding day goes smooth. They will take care of everything ranging from the wedding clothes to the feast you will be enjoying with your guests.

For you to have memories of your big day, you will have your wedding DVD taken and also have wedding pictures taken as this also comes with the package. You will have your dream wedding without having to do a lot of work yourself. You can also enjoy the relaxing massages and treatments before your big day.

With the high levels of privacy provided on the island, you will be able to enjoy and make the most out of your wedding. You will be able to have the wedding of your dreams that you deserve.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life. You should make sure that it is filled with the best memories. You can only get this at Turtle Island Beach Resort where you will have a Grand Beach Wedding.