There is nothing that is as refreshing as having to spend your leisure time in a pristine environment that is surrounded by space that is private and wholly customized to your specifications. Spending free time at beaches and coastal destinations are ranked as among the best vacationing areas by people who go on holidays. There are lots of beaches around the world, but the beaches in Fiji are just on another level, that is why so many people love them. Fiji is a country made up of numerous islands over five hundred in number with just less than a hundred being inhabitable. However, not all beaches are as serene as one would expect.

That is why the Yasawa Island Chain in Fiji offers some of the most private resorts on an island that have all inclusive features. These features can be enjoyed at the Turtle Island resort that is totally private with more than 500 acres of space that is at the disposal of client's leisure itinerary. The island's sole occupant is the Turtle Island resort. The guests to the resort can have various activities including personal vacations, family outings for bonding and fun or private weddings.

Turtle Island is ringed with angelic white and powdery sandy beaches that are all at your disposal. Many beaches are located in different unique places like near living or dining areas with others being completely isolated. These isolated sections of the beach are bound by cliffs that are high and set within a cove. What this ensures for the visitors is that the time spent there is solely theirs. Strolls can be made in peace on the private beach, or meander into the turquoise waters. For further exploration of the amazing sea life, there are guided snorkeling and scuba diving activities offered or enjoy the serenity of the ocean on a sailboat. There are flexible arrangements that can be made while booking to suit the visitors.

For example, couples can decide to have a beach privately reserved for them and set for a romantic gateway complete with accompanying delicacies and drinks. Such a setting can be ideal for soaking in those extra chapters of your favorite book, engage in deep conversations or get a whole body tan.

The exclusiveness of the Turtle Island resort is guaranteed due to the limited occupancy that chooses to only accommodate fourteen couples at a time. From the Fijian villa at the resort, the great Blue Lagoon and the Fiji and Yasawa islands can be viewed in the panoramic awe that is offered. What's more, the resort is conscious of the environment through practices of sustainable tourism as the fruits and vegetables are grown on the island with seafood being sourced locally through sustainable conscious franchises.

The hosts at the private residences are warm, gentle and engaging as needed to give the hosts the kind of experience that will make them a part of their family during the period of your stay. Each private villa, named a Bure is exquisitely designed to give all occupants a slice of the paradise at Turtle Island. The construction of the bures blends modern and eco-friendly features to ensure the longevity of the island as well as give guests the comfort they deserve.