Engulfed in the Pacific waters, Fiji is a land turf blessed with over three hundred Islands. When it comes to holiday destinations, Fiji is that magical place where memories are made. One of the re-known island paradises in Fiji is Turtle Island. Turtle Island is a delightful private island paradise that is home to an intimate all inclusive resort. It is a 500-acre private island in Fiji's Yasawa Island chain. Be it friendly people, rich cultures, exquisite cuisine or white sandy beaches Fiji's Turtle Island has it all. Life on Turtle Island is a constant giggle; not many places can evoke charm and happiness while providing health rejuvenation as this island haven.

Turtle Island has 14 Fijian villas known as bures that are spacious, romantic and well-lit with a beautiful view of the subtle waters of the Blue Lagoon. Every bure, both the deluxe and grand bures, is an epitome of majestic design, beautiful overlays and unique setting over lots of space.

Why visit Turtle Island Resort?

Apart from the tranquil environment, turtle island resort offers a therapeutic atmosphere that helps deal with high-stress levels thereby elevating your health.

You would be surprised what a day at the beach and a relaxing massage could do for your health.

Health benefits of hitting the beach include:

  • Relieves stress – a combination of sun and waves relaxes your body and releases physical aches freeing you from stress. The sound and sights of the ocean and beach are soothing and relaxing. Serotonin, a key hormone for relaxing and happiness is released when you arrive at the beach.
  • You get better sleep after a day at the beach. Beach offers a form of great exercise even by just taking a walk. Beaches also relieve three key things that inhibit sleep; high stress and anxiety levels, lack of physical fatigue and hormonal imbalances.
  • Vitamin d consumption. Vitamin d is one of the most important vitamins required in our diets. However, foods contain very low levels of it but a walk on the beach for just ten minutes allows for our bodies to absorb enough vitamin D.
  • Beaches provide opportunities to exercise. Exercise helps you lose weight, get rid of pent up energy and stay in shape. You could take a swim, surf or even just take a walk while collecting shells.
  • Water aerobics is the easiest aerobic exercises that reduce inflammation and pain. This is because water offers great resistance without any impact while reducing the weight of a person submerged in water.
  • It also increases iodine levels in the body through swimming in the ocean. Adequate levels of iodine in the body ensure energy levels and the metabolic rates are optimal. Hair and nail growth are also usually at their peak, and hormone levels are regulated.

Turtle Island resort also offers therapeutic body massages. Both the Fijian Bobo massage and Lomi Lomi massage are an experience of a lifetime. They provide healing purposes as well as relaxation leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced. Turtle Island Resort is a rare lifetime experience that you shouldn't have to miss out on. You have an inside on one of the world's best holiday and health rejuvenation spots, make worthwhile memories.